Movie extravaganza ‘Glow Back to the ’90s’ features classic films at Vilar Center |

Movie extravaganza ‘Glow Back to the ’90s’ features classic films at Vilar Center

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"A Bug's Life" is the second Pixar Animation Studio movie ever to be released and was a box office hit when it came out in 1998. The movie shows at 2 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 4.
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What: “Glow Back to the ’90s” movie extravaganza.

Where: Vilar Performing Arts Center, Beaver Creek.

When: Thursday, Jan. 4, movies at 2, 4:30 and 7 p.m.

Cost: $10 for adults, $5 for kids.

More information: Visit

BEAVER CREEK — As part of its 20th anniversary celebration, the Vilar Performing Arts Center hosts an awesome “Glow Back to the ’90s” film screening party featuring three popular hit movies from the opening season of the Vilar Center, 1997-98.

This fun-for-all-ages movie extravaganza will include “A Bug’s Life” screening at 2 p.m., “Men in Black” screening at 4:30 p.m. and “Liar Liar” screening at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 4. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for kids per movie and are available now at the Vilar Center box office, by calling 970-845-8497 or visiting

The Vilar Center is located under the ice rink in Beaver Creek Village.

Back in the Day

The “Glow Back To The ’90s” 20th anniversary Film Party will have more than movies. The Vilar Performing Arts Center will blast ’90s jams throughout the day, offer some totally cool drink specials and hand out glowing party favors. Attendees are encouraged to come dressed in their best ’90s outfits for the chance to be entered to win some rad prizes.

This full day and night of ’90s-themed entertainment will start with “A Bug’s Life” screening at 2 p.m. The second Pixar Animation Studio movie to ever be released, this classic animated film was a box office smash when it came out in 1998. “A Bug’s Life” follows the heartwarming and hilarious tale of Flik, a misfit ant who wants to save his colony from “greedy” grasshoppers. “A Bug’s Life” is suitable for young children and a fun movie the whole family will enjoy.

Kids and adults alike will be excited for the opportunity to see “Men in Black” on the big screen once again. Starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as special agents who fight against aliens, this 1997 mega-hit combines action, fantasy and comedy for a truly out-of-this-world movie viewing experience. “Men in Black” is showing at 4:30 p.m. and the film is rated PG-13.

“Liar Liar” stars Jim Carrey as a lawyer who has to endure a full 24 hours without telling a lie. This laugh-out-loud comedy from 1997 will screen at 7 p.m. and is also rated PG-13.

The “Glow Back To The ’90s” movie extravaganza is a chance to party like it’s 1997 and embrace what you love best about the decade. Leave your cell phone at home, throw on your favorite grunge band T-shirt, don’t forget to feed your Tamagotchi and rock that scrunchie for a night of movies, music and celebration at the Vilar Performing Arts Center on Thursday, Jan. 4.

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