National Candy Corn Day: Here's a map showing which states love and hate the Halloween treat |

National Candy Corn Day: Here’s a map showing which states love and hate the Halloween treat

Today, Oct. 30, is National Candy Corn Day, and the sugary-sweet candy has once again divided the nation between candy corn lovers and haters.

The Daring Kitchen, an online blog that shares recipes and creates maps for food trends each month, started collecting geo-tagged Twitter data starting Oct. 1 to make this year’s “States that Love or Hate Candy Corn” map. Phrases such as “I love candy corn” or “I hate candy corn” tripped sensors, and overall, the map reflects data from more than 50,000 tweets.

This map reflects data collected from more than 50,000 geotagged Tweets.
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Most of New England – minus Massachusetts – and the Midwest firmly sat in the “hate it” camp, while candy corn lovers stretched across Western, Southern and Mid-Atlantic states. Colorado fell into the “love it” camp.

For the lovers, is there a right way to eat candy corn? And for the haters, this recipe for Candy Corn Cobs – yes, they look exactly like corn on the cob – will probably make you want to throw up immediately.

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