Netflix Bracket: Winners of round 2 announced, semi-finals commence |

Netflix Bracket: Winners of round 2 announced, semi-finals commence

After a bit of a delay – Entertainment Editor Casey Russell is running this contest and was out of the office with personal/family matters – the Netflix bracket has returned, with winners from each conference in round 2. We now move into semi-finals, round 3, what would be the Final Four if we were March Madness.

Graphic by Casey Russell

For round 3, voting is happening now on @vaildaily’s Instagram Stories. You’ll have 24 hours to pick your favorite among the round 2 winners, which are “The Office,” “Stranger Things,” “That ’70s Show” and “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

Some analysis, from watching the voting:

The Legends

Man, we’d have been shocked if anything but “The Office” squeaked by. This show is a titan, and for good reason. Our money is on “The Office” to take it all. Casey is also glad that “Friends” fell because she’s a “Seinfeld” girl and honey, you can only pick one.

New Favorites

We get the hype behind “Stranger Things,” and season 1 was good, but personally felt the story arc was pretty complete after season 1 and we didn’t need or want the story to continue. “Schitt’s Creek” made a valiant run, but “Stranger Things” is a good choice too.

Cult Picks

Not gonna lie, we are very surprised that “Queer Eye” beat out “BoJack Horseman,” but we’re fans of the Fab Five so we’re not mad about it. The initial matchup between “New Girl” and “That ’70s Show” tugged at our heartstrings, but we love “That 70’s Show” and feel it’s the right winner in this case.

Wild Card

Again, this one was a shocker. “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” is a fantastic piece of comedic and cinematic art. We’re genuinely surprised that “The Great British Baking Show” didn’t take this category, but we’re not mad about it.

Here are the percentage breakdowns for winners in each round 2 match up.

Graphic by Casey Russell

Print a blank bracket to play with friends here.

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