New climbing gym to open in Eagle |

New climbing gym to open in Eagle

Nate Day
The top floor of the gym will feature a physical training area.
Nate Day | Special to the Daily

On the 237-mile stretch from Grand Junction to Golden, there’s no other gym like it, according to Operating Manager Larry Moore.

Eagle Climbing and Fitness is a nearly-finished climbing gym in Eagle, but it’s slated to be so much more than that.

The gym is set to feature a general fitness center, yoga studio, physical therapy area, children’s learning area and community space in addition to the abundance of climbing.

The fitness center won’t offer many machines, focusing instead on functional fitness and conditioning, meaning more free weight-style equipment will be housed there.

The gym will feature a wall which will allow climbers to climb up over a ledge, simulating rock climbing in nature.

Yoga off Broadway

Yoga Off Broadway will operate the yoga studio, a local chain focusing on accessible and adaptive yoga for those that may be unable to participate in an average yoga session.

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Additionally, the gym is working to find a partner to operate the physical therapy space, utilizing climbing in their therapy.

Something that will be attractive to parents will be the children’s area. A jungle gym and low bouldering wall will offer children the opportunity to play and climb on their own while their parents climb child-free. The center will also host birthday parties, and children will enjoy time on the jungle gym during such parties.

Parties will be held in the community space upstairs, which will also be used for other community events hosted by the center.

Opening in early November, the center will feature bouldering and climbing, but the experience is anything but ordinary. Aside from the standard climbing, two walls will be adjustable, allowing the user to alter the angle at which they climb, and one wall is designed to replicate the 15-degree angle used for speed-climbing in the Olympics. Additionally, the gym will feature a canvas wall, allowing for climbers to use only their hands. The bouldering garden will also allow lone-climbers the opportunity to get on the wall.

Eagle Climbing + Fitness will also feature a fitness center for those looking to work out rather than climb.

The motto of the gym is “building strength in our community,” but that doesn’t only refer to making people physically stronger — instead it refers to building a strong community, which is why Eagle Climbing and Fitness will host competitions from around the state, the first being on Saturday, Nov. 17, and other events such as the Real Rock Film Tour, where they’ll play films and documentaries about rock climbing.

No equipment? No problem — you can check it out upon entry. Belay certification and climbing instruction classes will also be offered.

For membership information and class schedules, visit

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