New Eagle-Vail business creating a buzz of well-being |

New Eagle-Vail business creating a buzz of well-being

Kim Fuller
Special to the Daily
Vail Valley Wellnes is located at 41184 US-6 Unit 140, in Avon.
Rob Phillips | Special to the Daily

I didn’t know I needed a foot detox bath until I saw the water submerging my ankles and feet turning a strange shade of dark brown. Hues of rusty orange and rotten green also started to emerge in the pool and seemed to be feeding the bubbles rising to the surface.

Becky Burgess, owner of Vail Valley Wellness, poured my friend and I a cup of herbal tea as we soaked away our impurities. Burgess explained how the ionic foot detox bath, as it’s formally called, stimulates your cells’ energy and moves waste our of the body through the process of osmosis. The detoxes are designed to make the body’s pH more alkaline, helping to facilitate this alkalization process by removing free radicals — an electron without a pair, thus creating an environment prone to easily damaged cells, proteins and DNA — from the body. Burgess said this can help to improve immune function, protect bone density and muscle mass, lower blood pressure, decrease chronic pain and inflammation, boosting vitamin absorption, prevention magnesium deficiency and help to maintain a healthy weight.

She said we all have a build up of positive ions due to stress, toxic environments and poor diets, and that almost anyone can benefit from this 35-minute treatment. The baths are $45 each, or $200 for a five punch pass.

This is just one of the services Burgess offers at Vail Valley Wellness, now open in Eagle-Vail. This new innovative spa offers modern services of bioenergetic medicine to help assist in rest, relaxation and overall health and well-being.

“It is our mission to make holistic medicine more approachable and accessible, and the Vail Valley is exactly the place for this type of care,” Burgess said. “Whether you are an athlete looking to recover, a baby boomer looking for an alternative to Botox, or a professional who needs to destress, we know you’ll find easy and effective healing through one our many services.”

Other services at Vail Valley Wellness include cosmetic acupuncture services to help rejuvenate the skin, BioMat sessions that use infrared technology to promote healing, cupping therapy to help move stagnation and pain in the body, acupuncture, customized herbs, along with specific treatments for women’s health, pain, fertility and emotional distress, among other health concerns.

“One of our most popular offerings is our Yoni steams, which is the practice of vaginal steaming and allowing an herbal concoction to permeate and warm your feminine essence,” Burgess said. “This is a truly unique experience that has the town buzzing.”

The Vail Valley Wellness space is inviting, and as Burgess has described, it’s built upon the practices of ancient medicine.

“Here, we look at the individual,” Burgess said. “We find out more about their constitution, their health history, and current health goals. We guide them through treatment options and answer any questions they may have about lifestyle, nutrition and healthy habits. Our locals and visitors of the Vail Valley are extremely health-conscious and motivated folks. This forward-thinking clientele is actually looking at the medicine of the past to help them heal and we aim to provide everything they need under one roof here in Eagle-Vail.”

Vail Valley Wellness also hosts many wellness nights, seminars and private gatherings.

“We hope to bring the people of the valley into the space to learn about self-care practices, use meditation and sound healing to further our wellbeing,” Burgess said, “and provide a place for the conscious community to gather.”

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