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Outside Scoop: Autumn Signs

Autumn is a great time for hiking and foraging. | Special to the Daily

Julie Bielenberg
Outside Scoop

Just on cue, as the children go back to school, the natural signs of fall begin to emerge. This past week the high mountain peaks got a dusting of snow, and overnight temperatures dipped well into the 40s in most backyards. However, there are many other clues that autumn is around the corner.

The most obvious sign of fall is the cooler temperatures and shorter days. This is also what leads to the colors changing in the leaves. Maybe some of you have noticed yellow leaves in your driveway or yards this past weekend? Or, you might have seen dew appear on the lawn from the colder nights. And, there is a smell of crispness to the air that is distinct to autumn.

Many families have added backyard bird feeders, including numerous hummingbird feeders to their landscapes increasing bird activity. Around this time, and leading up to Labor Day, enjoy many of these colorful birds because they will begin their descent south. Hummingbirds and other backyard favorites cannot handle the nighttime temperatures and will begin departing.

For food foragers, this might be one of the most plentiful times of the year. Berries are ripe for the picking, and pine trees might begin to release cones with nuts — think the coveted pine nut!


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