WATCH: Mountain lion stalks hunter in southern Colorado |

WATCH: Mountain lion stalks hunter in southern Colorado

John Meyer, Denver Post

A man being stalked by a mountain lion in southern Colorado last Sunday lived to tell about it — and post a two-minute Facebook video capturing the encounter.

The incident occurred while Steve Shively was scouting for elk and changing cards in his trail cameras near Bayfield, which is between Durango and Pagosa Springs.

“After changing the memory cards and rustling around in the leaves, I stood up and turned around slowly, scanning the woods behind me,” Shively wrote in his Facebook post. “Suddenly, I spotted this motionless mountain lion crouched down behind a rock, ready to pounce on me. He had silently stalked to within 20 yards through the dry crunchy fall leaves on the ground.”

In subsequent comments on his post, Shively joked about how frightened he was, although he was armed.

“He had a fixed stare at me and didn’t flinch while I pulled my 9mm out of my pocket, racked one in the chamber, and fumbled with my cell phone,” Shively wrote. “He only moved when I started talking to him on video.”

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