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Outside Scoop: Sturgeon Moon

Why the fishy name?

Julie Bielenberg
Outside Scoop
Sturgeon are North America’s largest fish and a fitting name for an impressive moon.
Pedro Lastra/Unsplash

It’s the last full moon of summer. There will be lots of fleeting summer moments still to be had, but the nighttime sky and calendar is telling us summer is coming to an end. This month’s full moon, the Sturgeon Moon will rise on Saturday, Aug. 21, before reaching peak illumination at 6:02 a.m. on Sunday morning, Aug. 22.

Why the fishy name? Moon names reference seasonal occurrences and the Native Americans called the August moon this name because of the giant sturgeon that would be available for catch at this point in the year in the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain. A giant sturgeon can grow to monstrous sizes, the most massive weighing up to 800 pounds and 16 feet in length! And it’s documented these giants were around over 130 million years ago and the females can live for up to 150 years. These are North America’s largest fish and a fitting name for an impressive moon.

What are other names for the full moon in August?

•Barley Moon

•Black Cherries Moon

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•Corn Moon

•Fruit Moon

•Green Corn Moon

•Grain Moon

•Harvest Moon

•Lying Up Moon

•Ricing Moon


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