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‘Passport to Colorado’: Photographer speaks at Bookworm of Edwards on July 13

"Colorado: Life and Light on Land" is a collection of photogaphs that highlight the state and makes for a great coffee table book. The photos are primarily from the past five to 10 years.
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Who: Robert Castellino, author of “Colorado: Life and Light on the Land.”

When: Thursday, July 13, 6 p.m.

Where: The Bookworm of Edwards.

Cost: $10; includes appetizers.

More information: Call 970-926-READ, or visit http://www.bookwormofedwards.com.

On Thursday at The Bookworm of Edwards, author and photographer Robert Castellino discusses the interplay of landscape and life around us.

His new book, “Colorado: Life and Light on the Land,” is a collection of photographs that highlight Colorado as a living, breathing, ever changing creature and makes for a great coffee table book.

His love of photography began after his first photograph was published four years after dabbling in the profession. With the newfound peace and solace found through this new art form, he officially left the corporate world in 1988 in the pursuit of photography.

“I have always had an affinity and connection to the land and life of the state,” Castellino said. “The book was inspired by the interplay between nature and the built environment, focusing on the beauty of the vast landscape.”

His pure passion of Colorado collided with a health scare in late 2015. In that moment he asked himself, in the 48 hours he was given to live, what would he do and what would he try to save about this land?

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“How do we send a message that says this land is so beautiful, why would we ever put these treasures at risk?” he asked

Throughout the past 30 years, Castellino has been capturing how life has changed across the state. His new book focuses on images that have been taken in the past five to 10 years.

“It takes time to collect images. You need to understand the area and go back again and again to get to know the land,” he said. “Before you take your photo, you need to see what is happening, unfolding or blossoming.”

‘key to the city’

Through his journey to preserve the beautiful of Colorado through photographs, he has been able to discover hidden gems and meet the people that inhabit the state.

“My photography has been a passport to Colorado. Seeking out new landscapes gives you access to dig in and get to know the folks who shape our communities,” Castellino said. “In a way, it has been a key to the city.”

Photography is for everyone to learn, which allows for new appreciation of our surroundings. To appreciate the land is to get to know the land and to seek out new experiences.

“Part of choosing the photo is adventure — to explore the world we live in, searching out and seeing what other people have done and visiting those places,” he said. “The adventure is being in the thick of something that is happening, a storm or changing of the seasons.”

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