Play the Vail Daily's Netflix bracket in the absence of March Madness |

Netflix Bracket: Play the Vail Daily’s poll in the absence of March Madness

March is one of the sports world’s favorite months: There’s Spring Training, late-season NBA and NHL, and of course, March Madness. But with the NCAA College Basketball Championships canceled in the wake of the coronavirus, where is the world going to get its fill of tournament-style speculation?

The Vail Daily has brought you that same competitive fun in a quarantine-approved format: Netflix shows. There are four “conferences.” One of each conference will make it to the semi-finals, and eventually, you will crown the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) of Netflix shows.

Graphic by Casey Russell

There are two options to participate: Grab a couple of copies of this page in the paper, cut out the bracket, and play with family. You can also print it off from this link. For the digital fiends, we will be selecting which shows advance and which lose via polls on our Instagram stories. Follow @vaildaily to get started: We’ll be playing each conference Monday through Thursday, and announcing the winner on Friday.

Now, for the conference descriptions.

The Legends

These are the go-to shows. Everyone has seen at least one episode of at least one of these shows. They’re legendary in their own right.

The New Favorites

These are the shows that people are talking about right now. The contemporary, what the kids are into these days. They’ve earned their spot, despite their newbie status.

The Cult Picks

These are the shows that aren’t necessarily a universal favorite, but their respective followings are fervently devoted. Expect some crazy energy to come out in the voting for these shows, if anyone you’re playing with is a fan.


These are the shows that people know about, but don’t necessarily fit into one perfect category of TV show. They’re offbeat and a bit grab-bag, but they have the spirit and the reputation to make it into a competition for the title of best show of all time.

Share your results with us. Use #VailLive on Instagram, or just send pictures via email to Casey Russell at We might just use it for a story.

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