Product review: Hydaway collapsible water bottle |

Product review: Hydaway collapsible water bottle

The Hydaway water bottle combines your functional need to hide away your water bottle with your even more functional need to stay hydrated.
John LaConte |

I grew up in a family of four, and each family member had their own cup that they used for water, juice or brandy Manhattans.

Water bottles, back then, were not even close to the mainstream item that they are today. I now have my own family of four, and everyone in the family has their own water bottle.

My wife’s is made of glass and was given to her by the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District.

My daughter has an aluminum thermos-style bottle with a flip top and straw. It also has a Wonder Woman logo; there’s no separating her from this bottle.

My son uses a Paw Patrol-themed hard plastic bottle, which he seems pretty ambivalent about, so I am now in the process of converting him to my water bottle of choice, the Hydaway.

Made of silicone, the bottle holds 21 ounces of water, yet is able to be collapsed down into a 1 x 3 inch disc that easily fits in your pocket when you’re done.

It has a wide mouth lid that fits large ice cubes, and has a flip-up squirt tip that works perfectly with the malleable silicone material.


My wife, a glass-only elitist, said she can never get used to the taste of water out of silicone, even if it is BPA-free, odor-free and dishwasher safe.

Before she spreads this narrative to my son I will be equipping his bottle with one of Hydaway’s custom filter lids, just so there’s no chance of him detecting any taste other than what he’s used to.

The Hydaway kids bottle is 12-ounces, and available in cool colors such as very berry, cool breeze and hot lava.

This review was originally published on Nov. 26, 2018, as part of a larger roundup titled “Cyber Monday suggestions from the Vail Daily”

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