Questions with comedians: Vail Comedy Show returns with Steven Rogers Nov. 9

Steven Rogers appeared on the 'The Late Late Show with James Corden' in May 2022.
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  • What: Vail Comedy Show with Steven Rodgers
  • When: Wednesday, Nov. 9; doors open at 7 p.m. and the show starts at 8 p.m.
  • Where: Grand Hyatt Vail
  • More info:

Vail Comedy Show is back with a special pop up Nov. 9 at Grand Hyatt Vail in Cascade Village with headliner Steven Rogers. Tickets, which include free valet parking, a free drink and 25% off food at Gessner before the show, are available online at Doors open at 7 p.m. and the show starts at 8 p.m.

Steven Rogers is a New York City-based comedian whose comedy album debuted at #1 on iTunes. He tours with Brian Regan performing at theaters around the country. On Wednesday he will be at Grand Hyatt Vail.

Have you ever performed in Vail?

Just once! I was able to headline the first Vail Comedy Festival last May and it was so fun and the crowds were great, so I’m very excited to come back!

Do you have a favorite Colorado comedy memory from Vail?

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I went on some hikes last time in Vail that were pretty breathtaking and I loved walking through Vail and seeing the mountains from the town. I was blown away and I think it’ll be a place I’ll always be trying to come back to.

What do you know about the Vail Comedy Show?

I’m pals with Mark who is a great showrunner and comedian and I know a bunch of the comedians that have headlined there, so I know it’s a great time and perfect for anyone looking for some good stand up!

Tell us about your latest special?

It was my very first special and it was taped at the National Comedy Center in Jamestown, NY where I had a lot of my biggest moments in comedy (outside of Vail of course) and it was a truly magical weekend that I’ll never forget! The special is out on YouTube and it’s called “Before He Was Super.”

You have been on late-night TV twice, how was it different the second time?

The second time was different in that I didn’t have any of the first-time jitters, it was more of a “let me go out there” feeling. It was also my first time doing a late night with my girlfriend in attendance and meeting the host of the show I was on so that was pretty special to me.

What is the biggest theater you have performed at this past year?

I’m honestly not sure! I know that’s crazy, but I’m so fortunate that I get to do a lot of theaters and have some more on the schedule. Theaters are probably my favorite stage to perform on because I feel like I belong up there and it’s really where I’d like to be as a headliner someday. I’m doing the Kennedy Center next year so that may be my biggest one coming up!

How would you describe your comedy?

I never know how to answer this, I’d say my style is good! I talk a lot about my personal world and the world around us and it’s very rapid-fire, you’re going to get a lot of jokes thrown at you whenever you see me.

What is next for Steven Rogers?

I’m currently touring with all different material than my last special and will be doing that for the rest of this year and all of next year, may or may not be doing some more TV as well (so you’ll have to follow me to see what it is!) I also have two web series “The Adventures of Caitlin and Steven,” (first episode is out now) and “The Feast of my Worries with Steven Rogers,” which will come out early next year.

Any final thoughts?

Follow me on Instagram and YouTube @StevenRogersComedy.

Vail Comedy Show has more shows coming up. Ben Bryant will be at Bridge Street Bar in Vail Village on Nov. 17, Mike Stanley from New York City will be at Moe’s Original BBQ in Eagle on Nov. 29 and Lisa Curry from Los Angeles will be performing in Vail Village on Dec. 15. All tickets are available at

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