Red, White and Booze: Fall in love with New Zealand wines, whiskey |

Red, White and Booze: Fall in love with New Zealand wines, whiskey

Jeff Anderson and Tim Consadine, Boone’s Wine and Spirits
Red, White and Booze
Sazerac Company’s Stadler Springs Whiskey can be purchased for $18.99 at Boone's Wine and Spirits.
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Editor’s note: The Red, White and Brew weekly feature will highlight red wines, white wines and craft beers from local stores.

Today is Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking for something to love or something great to share with your love, we have the answer. At Boone’s Wine and Spirits, we are dedicated to having the largest selection, the best selection and the lowest prices for all of our customers. Boone’s is honored to bring you exclusive wine and spirits brands. Every exclusive brand is of high quality and great value. Not only do you get a one-of-a-kind shopping experience at Boone’s, but you can save big on these amazing selections. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. You can find higher quality wines and spirits for the same price — or less than — you pay for your current favorite.

The red

One such drink is our red pick for the week — DNA Vineyards Russian River Pinot Noir. This wine is the brainchild of Dennis Patton and Andrea Silverstein, the proprietors of DNA Vineyards and their winemaker, Sarah Bailey. The 2016 vintage has deep color with aromatic hints of rose petal, ripe plum, black cherry and a touch of French oak on the finish. This beautiful wine will go nicely with a wide array of foods, from roasted chicken to Colorado filet and blueberry pie. You can grab this beautiful red wine at Boone’s for only $19.99.

The white

Our white wine pick for this week comes from Marlborough, New Zealand. The Silver Beach Sauvignon Blanc has flavors of passion fruit and grapefruit with a hint of green apple. A lively acidity is balanced with a creaminess from aging on the lees. The grapes for this wine are from a single vineyard on the south side of Marlborough’s Wairau Valley nestled on the terraces of the Omaka River. Pair this wine with oysters and seared scallops or goat cheese. This wine is available only at Boone’s for $10.99 this week.

The booze

One of Boone’s exclusive spirits is the Sazerac Co. Stadler Springs Whiskey. It’s a Kentucky blended whiskey that is bottled in Louisville. It’s oak barrel-rested, which gives the whiskey a dark amber color and has aromas of brown sugar and even a little apricot. It is rich and smooth, featuring lightly toasted almonds, sweet oak and some molasses on the finish. It is delicate enough to drink neat or on the rocks, but it will also make an excellent old fashioned or Manhattan. Get Stadler Springs Whiskey for only $18.99.

Any of these choices along with our many other exclusive products are sure to be the newest love adventure for your taste buds. And we won’t leave you to navigate these products on your own — our staff is comprised of five sommeliers, a beer cicerone and other knowledgeable folks.

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