Red, White and Brew: Baby wine, an oatmeal stout and more |

Red, White and Brew: Baby wine, an oatmeal stout and more

Val Goranov
Alpine Wine & Spirits
Buy a bottle of Colle dei Bardelini Vermentino for $14.99.
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Editor’s note: The Red, White and Brew weekly feature will highlight red wines, white wines and craft beers from local stores.

Often people look for bargains — when they buy items online, when purchasing a car, at the grocery store. The liquor store is no different. That sale sign is appealing, no doubt. But sometimes there are bargains outside of the true meaning of the word. There are wines that are spectacular for the price and often drink much better than those twice expensive, for example. Here are a couple of suggestions that you will find for a great price at Alpine Wine and Spirits.

The red

2017 Le Petit Roy: It is Jean Royer’s “baby Chateauneuf-du-Pape.” 2017 is an outstanding vintage in Rhone and this wine is a great example of it. A blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre, it contains some real Chateauneuf-du-Pape juice that didn’t make it into his main bottlings. Le Petit Roy is not petite at all — it has plenty of richness and depth with a smooth finish. You’ll love it from the very first sip — just the way I fell in love with it a few vintages ago and am still in awe of it. I’ve turned many people on to it. Are you the next one? Pick up a bottle for $19.99.

The white

Some say pinot grigio is always a safe bet. And we can somewhat agree with them. But at times, they could be unimpressive and lacking character. Luckily, Italy offers so many more choices. Colle dei Bardelini Vermentino is one of those whites that can satisfy any palate. Thirty five-year-old vines at 1,150 feet in elevation — you can be sure this wine is serious and will over-deliver. It is dry, full-bodied with a long finish. Great by itself or with your soup, appetizer or seafood dishes, grab a bottle for $14.99. Let’s give the pinot grigio a day off and try this one, shall we?

The brew

This week’s pick is Pikes Peak’s Summit House Oatmeal Stout. If you are like me and love dark beers any day of the year, look no further. It is a traditional oatmeal stout, lush and creamy, and will surely comfort you. Pikes Peak Brewing is located in Monument. They make good beers but this one is my favorite. Seasonally available in cans so you need to try it now. The beer is available for $10.49 for a six-pack. I’m buying one myself tonight after work.

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