Red, White and Brew: Outer Range Brewing cans, rosé and prosecco |

Red, White and Brew: Celebrate your adaptations to COVID-19 with Outer Range Brewing cans, rosé and prosecco

By Jeff Anderson and Josh Pipkin
Special to the Daily

The weather might not agree, but the calendar says it’s spring. And even though I (Jeff Anderson) think rosé season never left, it is officially here. My choice this week is perfect for your solo hike or boat trip, or for just hanging on the porch, talking to your neighbors from across the street and howling at 8 p.m. every night.

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The calendar says its spring, which means it’s time to break out the rosé and the bubbly.
Special to the Daily

The Red(ish)

The French Pool Toy Dry Rosé, or as we call it in the store, “The French Pool Boy,” is a light, dry rosé with flavors of fresh red berries and citrus. It is made from 70% Grenache and 30% Pinot Noir. The great thing about this wine is that it comes in a plastic bottle that is 30% lighter than glass, has a resealable screw cap and is recyclable. This wine is perfect for all of your outside activities… by yourself of course. Grab it for $12.99 at Boone’s.

The White

I sit here writing this during “recess” as, like many of you, I’m homeschooling my six-year-old. These are strange times we all find ourselves in, and it seems wine is something most of us have in common right now. It also seems like we are popping the cork earlier and earlier some days. One big thing I have noticed at the store is that Prosecco sales are soaring right now. Prosecco, like most bubbly, is very adaptive. Have it any time from breakfast to after dinner, in a mimosa, a cocktail or by itself.

Natale Verga’s Prosecco is very versatile for all your needs. It is light and crisp with hints of citrus and almond. It finishes with the classic hint of sweetness. It is perfect for your mimosa in the morning or in your Aperol spritzer while social distancing on the deck in the afternoon. Or just maybe, you need a little something to get you through teaching geometry to a kindergartner. Get it at Boone’s for $10.49.

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The Brew(ery)

Josh Pipkin took Outer Range Brewing’s Super Chill NEIPA for a hike.
Special to the Daily

On a recent (ocal hike, I (Josh Pipkin) found myself overwhelmed with our current restrictions. During the hike, a single word began to resonate in my brain: adaptation. The birds, the trees, and the insects I observed were all products of adaptation. Much like them, humans and breweries alike must adapt to our environment to succeed. 

At the top of my hike, I sat on a rock, cracked my beer – a delightful Super Chill from Outer Range Brewing in Frisco. I watched the sun paint colors against the canvas of clouds in the sky. A swirl of the can yielded a bountiful aroma of pithy grapefruit, gooseberry and lychee fruit. Followed by a balanced orange bitterness, this was everything you’d expect from the NEIPA (New England India Pale Ale) experts at Outer Range Brewing.

While savoring every sip of my hop-laden nectar, I couldn’t help but think of all the adaptations in the world of beer itself. Hop growers such as Yakima Chief were adapting to the market with experimental cryo blends, where whole leaf hops are separated at extremely low temperatures into concentrated lupulin and bract to preserve essential oils and resins.

Learning to embrace the ever-popular NEIPA was quite an adaptation for Colorado breweries, which typically focus on other styles. Outer Range has adapted by delivering their cans to liquor stores such as ours. They used to only distribute cans at the brewery location by Whole Foods. This is new for them, and we are stoked to put them on our shelves.

So, let’s remember that some of these adaptations we’re all making can benefit each other. Our next Outer Range delivery will consist of Block of Light (with Mosaic and Galaxy hops) for $16.99, Steezy DDH Wai-iti for $17.99, and Jerry Juice Pilsner (with Mosaic, Hallertau, and Mittelfruh hops) for $13.99. These all come in 16oz 4-packs of cans. Grab them while you can at Boone’s.

Jeff Anderson and Josh Pipkin work at Boone’s Wine and Spirits. Anderson writes the intro text and the Red and White blurbs. Pipkin writes the Brew blurb. Contact the store at 970-328-9463.

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