Red, White and Brew: Chase quality wines and beers this summer |

Red, White and Brew: Chase quality wines and beers this summer

By Jeff Anderson and Josh Pipkin
Special to the Daily

We are living in uncertain times. But one thing is certain: Great wines at great prices make summer that much better. Here are my (Jeff Anderson speaking) picks for this month’s great summer wines that won’t break the bank.

Both of these wines are light and perfect for a midsummer day.
Special to the Daily

The Red

Brooks Runaway Red Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley in Oregon is the creation of Jimi Brooks, a Portland native. He has a reverence for the land and the vines. Brooks practices organic and biodynamic farming.

Runaway is rich and dark red in color with flavors of strawberry, cherry, raspberry and pomegranate. On the palate, similar notes persist with added cinnamon, mushroom and orange peel. The wine has a nice, lush mouthfeel with a light acidity and dark, slightly earthy, red fruit finish. A 91-point rating from Wine Spectator is an added bonus. Get it for $18.99 at Boone’s Wine and Spirits.

The White

Allan Scott Sauvignon Blanc is from Marlbourgh, New Zealand. As described by the winemaker, this wine is fresh, zesty and full. This fruit-driven, new world style will excite the senses without the racy overload. Allan Scott’s Sauvignon Blanc tastes of tropical fruit with a fresh, herbaceous character balanced with zesty passion fruit and a dry finish. This wine is perfect for hot summer days. Add to that a 93-point rating from Wine Spectator. Get it for at $12.99 at Boone’s.

The Brew

Peeper was the first brew that Maine Beer Co. perfected back in 2009.
Special to the Daily

Hi, Josh Pipkin here now. Aside from being extremely fun to say, the word “peeper” is a joyous expression of exclamation. Much like wonderful tree frogs that make peeping sounds, so do my neurons peep during every sip of this magnificent pale ale from Freeport, Maine.

Peeper, from Maine Beer Co., was the first recipe that the Kleban brothers perfected when they opened their brewery in 2009. Peeper pours a clean, light golden color with a two-finger dense, white head. It has excellent head retention and leaves a thick, foamy lacing behind. A generous dose of American hops (Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial) imparts flavors of lemon, grapefruit and fresh cut grass. More delicate notes of raspberry, strawberry, pine, crushed flowers and doughy shortbread are also detectable. It’s light to medium in body with a low, persistent bitterness, and a balanced finish.

This is the perfect brew for your mid-summer nights and days. Grab it at Boone’s for $6.99 a pint.

Jeff Anderson and Josh Pipkin work at Boone’s Wine and Spirits. Anderson writes the intro text and the Red and White blurbs. Pipkin writes the Brew blurb. Contact the store at 970-328-9463.

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