Red, White and Brew: Here are some great drinks to beat summer heat |

Red, White and Brew: Here are some great drinks to beat summer heat

These European wine offerings draw from iconic grapes from Italy and Spain: the Nero d'Avola and the Albariño.
Val Goranov | Special to the Daily

July is usually the warmest month of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, of course. Our bodies need more liquids to get through the day. And after the long, tiring day out there, whether working or playing, it’s nice to enjoy a refreshing adult beverage. Today’s picks are just that — very suitable for the warm temperatures, and as always, sit just outside the norm. You only live once, so try different things.

The Red

This week, Alpine Wine & Spirits presents the most important grape in Sicily and one of Italy’s most important indigenous varieties, the Nero d’Avola. The Black Grape from Avola, a small town in southeast Sicily, is produced in two major styles. One is a more fruit-forward, opulent and black-fruit driven. The other is much leaner and more elegant with zippy red cherry flavors. This Purato Nero d’Avola falls into the latter style. Deep purple in color, bright red fruit notes on the nose are followed by a balance between tannins and acidity in its round structure. This wine is a great aperitif but also matches well with variety of foods. It’s all organic and costs only $12.99 for a bottle.

The White

There are plenty of “porch pounders” out there — Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc come to mind. But how about an Albariño? The grape originates from Galicia in northwest Spain, so naturally Spain produces most Albariños. It is also cultivated in Portugal and United States, among others. The Raimat winery in Spain produces Saira Albariño. Saira is the closest town to their estate, where bird nests can be seen frequently during migration seasons. The wine has mineral aromas, followed by white flowers, mango, melon and grapefruit notes on the palate, with long finish. This wine rates six out of 10 on their intensity level and serves as a fantastic substitution for an ordinary Sauvignon Blanc. This wine also costs $12.99 per bottle.

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The Brew

This brew has just a few weeks left on the shelves before it will be gone for the year: Avery Brewing Co.’s summer seasonal Grapefruit Shandy, fresh out of Boulder, provides a crushable summery drink. Shandys — a blend of beer and juice, in this case lager and grapefruit — might be a Midwestern specialty, but now, they’re everywhere, including this offering. Avery aimed for it to be a “quintessential quencher” during rising summer temperature. Crisp, refreshing and with lower alcohol content, it surely will help you kick back and beat the heat. A six-pack of cans costs $9.99.

Val Goranov is the store manager of Alpine Wine & Spirits. Contact the store at or 970-479-8116.

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