Red, White and Brew: Holiday selections from Boone’s |

Red, White and Brew: Holiday selections from Boone’s

Boones selections for Memorial Day weekend | Special to the Daily

Boones Wine and Spirits

This week we are going to France! Instead of a red and a white I’m doing light pink and dark pink from 2 classic regions for French rose, Tavel and Provence. Tavels history goes back hundreds of years and was officially made an AOC in 1937. The wines are a dark pink in color and bold, fruit driven, dry and can be drank young or aged several years. The wines of Provence are a lighter pink color with softer fruit notes and usually drank young but that’s not necessarily the case with this wine.

“2019 Clos Cibonne Cuvee Tradition”

This wine is truly unique in its style. The vineyards of this historic “Cru Classe” rose sit on the hills overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, which is perfect for the Tibouren grape that needs the ocean breezes to help keep the fruit dry and free of mildew and disease. The Tibouren grape is one of the oldest in the Mediterranean brought there by Julius Caesar. This wine is aged in one hundred year old wood casks for 12-18 months giving it a lightly oxidized characteristic. It is salmon orange/pink in color with hints of ripe strawberries an aromatic spicy nose, vibrant acidity and a dry finish. This is a really cool wine that can be drank now or aged years and is not your typical rose from Provence. I loved this wine and it is honestly one of the best roses I have tasted. Drink it with Mediterranean food, think grilled fish and olives or just drink it on its own. $31.99

“2020 Cuvee Du Roy Tavel Rose”

Located in the southern Rhone, Tavel is one of the only regions dedicated to only rose. The wine is a darker colored rose but don’t let that deter you, the wines of Tavel are delicious. Notes of raspberry and strawberry on the nose blend with black cherry and violets. The long refreshing dry finish leaves you wanting more. This is another rose worthy of aging a few years or it can be drunk now. Pair it with charcuterie, pork, spicy food and dishes from Provence. If you haven’t had rose from Tavel before, I highly recommend you try these delicious wines. $16.99

Oxbow Brewing Company

Oxbow Brewing Company located in rural Newcastle, Maine. The brewery is nestled in an enchanted forest amongst rolling farmlands and winding tidal rivers. They’re mostly known for their farmhouse saisons, but not for long. The three lagers I’ve tried from them most recently (Luppolo Italian-style pils, Trisky Pivo czech-style pale lager, Alpino dry hopped alpine lager) have been outstanding. They spend months/years crafting beers that are commonly produced in a matter of days.

The beer you should be drinking right now is Trisky Pivo from Oxbow Brewing Company. While Czech-style lagers are all the rage right now, very few hit the mark. Oxbow is a shining light for what American breweries are capable of within the style. This 13 plato, double-decocted pale lager is brewed with 100% Czech-grown ingredients. The beer pours golden straw in color and forms a lavish two finger head. You are then met with a bouquet of floral, grassy, earthy, and spicy notes. A malt profile of fresh dough and biscuit supports the hop profile. This is one of the few American interpretations of the style that I would feel comfortable presenting to one of my dedicated Pilsner Urquell customers. Boone’s currently has 15 different fresh Oxbow beers in stock that are sure to tickle your palate.



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