Red, White and Brew: Innovative wines and a catch 22 |

Red, White and Brew: Innovative wines and a catch 22

A bottle of Lovebloack can be purchased for $27.99. It can also be purchased by the case.
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Editor’s note: The Red, White and Brew weekly feature will highlight red wines, white wines and craft beers from local stores.

It is no secret there’s a lot of good value out there. But to me, it’s always been about trying new stuff. We live once, after all. I barely ever buy the same item twice in a row. I’d like to know what’s out there and I am many times pleasantly surprised by my findings. So if you are one of those people that like to buy the same thing over and over again because you’ve had it in the past, how about trying something new? Here are a few suggestions that are definitely worth exploring:

The red

Loveblock Pinot Noir from Central Otago, New Zealand. When winemaker Kim Crawford sold his label, it was all about passion for winemaking for him. The Loveblock project and specifically his pinot noir is exactly that. Highly accredited every year, the 2015 vintage received a score of 92 out of 100 from Wine Spectator and was voted No. 42 on its top-100 list for 2018. Only 7,000 cases were made, with 13 of them ending up at our store. Buy it for $27.99 on the shelf, but there’s a much better deal on a case—ask our employees about it.

The white

It’s a story you’ve probably heard many times. Young winemaker, disenchanted with what has happened to the wines of his region, who starts producing biodynamic, low yield wines that turn the stereotypic wine style of his area on its head. This is Francois Chidaine. His 100 percent sauvignon blanc from the Touraine region in Loire, France, offers floral and herby aromas and flavors. It’s mineral and lean, but with just enough weight to make it incredible. Stock up, as the 2017 vintage is almost sold out. We have the last of it at $14.99 a bottle.

The brew

The Catch 22 IPA is a fun takeoff of the World War II book “Catch 22.” It is a collaboration between a small set of friends that had all the knowledge and ability to make a world class craft beer brand. Their IPA is a must-try one. It’s crisp, medium-bodied, featuring citrus flavors and a pleasant dry hop character. At only 46 international bitterness units, it’s very refreshing and after finishing it, you just want another one. You can get a six-pack for $11.99.

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