Red, White and Brew: Love is romantic Spanish wine and the best IPA of 2020 |

Red, White and Brew: Love is romantic Spanish wine and the best IPA of 2020

By Jeff Anderson and Josh Pipkin
Special to the Daily

Editor’s note: Red, White and Brew columns highlight drinks from local liquor stores.

This week I, Jeff Anderson, will be taking you to Spain, a country rich in the history of wine. The two regions I’ll cover today are Rias Baixas and Ribera Del Duero.

Each of these Spanish wines are a reflection of the region in which the grapes are grown.
Special to the Daily

The Red

The 2017 Escondido Tempranillo comes from the hillsides overlooking the Douro River in Ribera Del Duero. The Ribera Del Duero region has a long history of winemaking going back to 1864, and is regarded as one of the best wine-making regions in Spain. The main grape grown here is Tempranillo because hot days and cool nights create ideal growing conditions. Locally, it’s known as Tinto Fino or Tinta Del Pais, and produces deeply colored wines with structure and tannin. It can age for years.

The vineyards of Escondido were planted more than 50 years ago. This Tempranillo wine is dark and intense. It starts with tons of black fruits blended with bitter chocolate and finishes with solid structure and surprisingly soft tannins. Pair the Escondido Tempranillo with lamb, wild game and tapas with chorizo. Regularly $15.99, it’s on sale at Boone’s for $12.99.

The White

The 2018 Ferrum Albariño is the white choice for this month. It is a medium bodied white wine with aromas of flower blossoms, citrus and a hint of salty sea air, which matches nicely with the location in which it was made. Rias Baixas is in the northwest corner of Spain in the Galicia Region near the Atlantic Coastline, and Albariño grapes are the dominant variety in this nook of the world.

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Tastes of apple, nectarine and peach follow, finishing with a light creaminess. I love this wine with lobster, shellfish and spicy dishes. Regularly $19.49, bottles are on sale at Boone’s for $15.99.

The Brew

This IPA is a perfect blend of East Coast and West Coast styles, and is a must-try for any fan of the hoppy beer style.
Special to the Daily

Josh Pipkin taking the reins here: for our brew of the month, I give you my new favorite IPA. Half Acre’s Bodem IPA is a beautiful balance of East and West Coast. It pours a bright burnt orange color, with a long lasting two-finger head. Bodem IPA leaves the palate with an impression of silk and grapefruit bitterness. Taste notes of ripe tropical fruit flesh with soft lemon and berry notes.

Half Acre knocks it out of the park with Bodem and is changing the IPA game for 2020. This is a must try for any IPA fan. Grab it from Boone’s at $10.99 for a 4-pack. Boone’s also has a cooler with red tag picks – these are some of my other favorites.

Jeff Anderson and Josh Pipkin work at Boone’s Wine and Spirits. Anderson writes the intro text and the Red and White blurbs. Pipkin writes the Brew blurb. Contact the store at 970-328-9463.

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