Red, White and Brew: Pick easy-drinkers for the last days of summer |

Red, White and Brew: Pick easy-drinkers for the last days of summer

By Val Goranov
Special to the Daily

July was very busy. It was warm, but we also finally got those afternoon showers. It’s August now, and it’s time to soak up some final “playing time” hours before Labor Day. When we come home from the final weeks of enjoying summer fun before it’s back to school and life, we want something light and easy-drinking to finish off the day.

Here are some wine and beer selections that will do exactly that.

Travel to Europe with easy drinking wines: an Italian red and and Austrian white.
Val Goranov | Special to the Daily

Red wine

Family-run for four generations now, Ca’ Del Baio has been making wines ever since the early 1900s. They produce high-quality Barbaresco, which they are best known for. But we will focus on another gem of theirs — Paolina Barbera d’Alba.

This wine is named after one of the daughters, Paola, who struck me with her passion for wine when I met her. She is the master behind this silky and fresh wine, with a great balance between acidity and fruit. She told me Barbera is Italians’ first choice when it comes to pairing a pasta dish with red wine. This one is simply stunning, whether enjoyed by itself or with that pasta meal. The price tag is very fair at $17.99 a bottle at Alpine Wine and Spirits.

White wine

Summer calls for clean, crisp, easy-drinking wines, and that’s especially true of whites. Today we will talk about a grape that has gained a lot more attention to itself in the last few years: Grüner Veltliner.

It is associated with Austria, where it is the most planted grape variety. Almost all of it is grown in the northeast of the country, Kremstal, close to the Danube River. Like Riesling, it grows on steep terraces and results in a mineral-driven, lightly fruity and very food-friendly wine.

Salomon Undhof has been in Kremstal since 1792. Thus, it is one of the oldest privately owned wineries in the country. Their Hochterrassen Grüner Veltliner is elegant, with citrusy brightness and a juicy and clean finish. It costs $15.99 at Alpine.


Eddyline’s Raspberry Wheat used to be a seasonal brew, but people loved it so much that it’s become a year-round staple.
Val Goranov | Special to the Daily

Eddyline Brewery is located in Buena Vista, Colorado and known for its high-quality beers that come in 16-oz cans. I am a big fan of their lineup, but one sticks out when we’re talking about summer — the Raspberry Wheat.

They started it as a summer seasonal back in the day, but it quickly became a fan favorite and is now available year round. On the nose, a vibrant aroma of the Oregon raspberries they use. On the palate, it is slightly tart, very refreshing and delicious. It’s on sale this month, too — so a 6-pack of 16-oz cans is only $9.99.

Val Goranov is the store manager of Alpine Wine & Spirits. Contact the store at or 970-479-8116.

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