Red, White and Brew: Pick easy drinking American wine and beer for Super Bowl Sunday |

Red, White and Brew: Pick easy drinking American wine and beer for Super Bowl Sunday

Both of these wines are easy drinking, affordable, not too fancy and made in America.
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Editor’s note: Red, White and Brew columns highlight drinks from local liquor stores.

Whether you are a football fan or you like the halftime commercials better than the actual game, the Super Bowl is a big deal. Fact: More than 100 million people will be watching, although viewers in the Northeastern part of the country might be slightly diminished this year because the New England Patriots aren’t in it.

For plenty of football fans, preparations start days ahead. Traditionally, the most consumed adult beverage that day is beer, but never forget about the wine. Here are some suggestions for alcohols that will go well with your nachos, chicken wings and everything else you might have on the table. Plus, everything is made in America, because what’s more American than drinking, eating spicy food and watching football?

Red Wine

You’re looking for something easy drinking and affordable, and nothing too fancy. But who wants to sacrifice quality? No one, that’s right. Castle Rock’s Red Wine Cuvee from the Columbia Valley in Washington is the winner here. It’s a blend of cabernet sauvignon, merlot, pinot noir and Syrah. It is elegant with loads of dark berries on the nose and palate, well-balanced with soft tannins. Pairs very well with Kansas City barbecue and such, plus it’s a screw cap so you’re not wasting any time opening the bottle when you could be watching the game. A bottle of it is $12.99.

White Wine

Continuing with the theme of affordable, quality wines, A to Z Pinot Gris from Oregon would be a great fit in the white wine world. Aromas of peaches, apricots and yellow plum are followed by a balanced and fresh palate. The acidity is crisp and the fruit notes make it a very enjoyable wine. It pairs easily with many different courses of a meal, making this an ideal complement to any dining or drinking occasion, and would complement a San Francisco cioppino nicely. It’s another screw cap and retails for $15.99 a bottle.


Bonfire Brewing’s Brush Creek Blonde Ale is a great choice for the big game. One hundred percent of the water comes from Eagle’s Brush Creek, fed by springs and snowmelt in the Sawatch Mountains. Light, smooth and delicious, it also comes with a low alcohol by volume and low international bitterness units, meaning it’s an easy-drinking ale you can keep drinking during the whole game without getting too knocked around. For the whole month of February, a six pack of cans is $7.99.

Val Goranov is the store manager of Alpine Wine & Spirits. Contact the store at or 970-479-8116.

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