Red, White and Brew: Savour the end of summer with Boone’s drink picks |

Red, White and Brew: Savour the end of summer with Boone’s drink picks

Boone's wine picks both have roots in French tradition. The red was served in Buenos Aires' French-style cafes, and the white first became popular in France a few years ago.
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Editor’s note: The Red, White and Brew columns highlight drinks from local liquor stores.

Even though nighttime — and even daytime — temperatures are slowly dropping, summer isn’t officially over until the calendar reads Sept. 23. Here are three picks from Boone’s Wine and Spirits to keep the summertime spirit alive.

The Red

Don Domingo Vicente Catena, Nicolas Catena Zapata’s father, was famous in the 1930s for his deep dark red wine blend.

It was sold in the French-style bistros of Buenos Aires as the finest wine from the Mendoza region. Catena DV Tinto Historico was made by Laura Catena and chief wine maker Alejandro Vigilin in his honor.

The grapes are sourced from high mountain estate vineyards planted in 1903. The wine has black fruit and flowers from the Uco Valley Malbec laced with a spicy Petit Verdot. The Malbec leads to this wine’s freshness and smoothness while the Petit Verdot grants a lush richness and wonderful length to the blend.

Drink it now or age it up to 10 years. Catena DV Tinto Historico is on Boone’s shelves for $17.99.

The White

In France, there is an old tradition of blending dry wine with fruit juice and syrups to create a wine cocktail. A few years ago, the ready-to-drink version became available commercially. It’s called Pamplune. It combines dry rosé, natural grapefruit aromas and a touch of peach.

The wine is light on alcohol at 8.5% alcohol by volume making it a great afternoon sipper.

This citrusy beverage took off in France starting in 2012 with a few bottles sold. It now sells over 40 million bottles yearly worldwide.

Drink it as an aperitif or pair with spicy food and exotic dishes. It’s also great chilled over ice or as a spritzer. Grab Pamplune for $10.49 exclusively on Boone’s shelves.

The Brew

When it’s time to light up the grill, it’s only appropriate to have a great beer by your side. Fuller’s ESB (Extra Special Bitter) is just that beer.

This brew has a citrus aroma from the hops, which is highlighted by orange marmalade. It’s balanced by notes of soft malt toffee from the chocolate malt.

The taste of Fuller’s ESB won’t disappoint with a mild sweetness that moves from light citrus and orange peel to a bready malt. It finishes with an earthy, yet floral light hop bitterness. There are notes of chestnut that linger on the palate.

This beer is a medium to full bodied ale, with mellow carbonation. It finishes much cleaner than the body and sweetness would suggest. Fuller’s ESB is a remarkable bitter. Pair this with a nice ribeye or a great burger and fries.

Grab a Fuller’s ESB 4-pack from Boone’s coolers for $10.49.

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