Red, White and Brew: Take a tour of the world starting in Australia, stopping in France and ending with a rocket blast into space |

Red, White and Brew: Take a tour of the world starting in Australia, stopping in France and ending with a rocket blast into space

By Jeff Anderson and Josh Pipkin
Special to the Daily

Hello, Jeff Anderson back to tell stories about Boone’s Wine and Spirits’ wine picks for this month.

We start our tour in southern Australia’s Clare Valley. It’s one of the oldest and most beautiful regions on the continent, with a history going back 150 years. The terroir is perfect for reds like Cabernet and Shiraz and whites like Riesling. It produces world-class wine. 

The Red

These wines both exemplify a mastery of terroir in the respective region.
Special to the Daily

The Taylors/Wakefield winery has won more awards than any other. The Wakefield Estate vineyards were planted in 1969 and the first vintage garnered gold medals in every competition it entered. Their 2014 Shiraz is no exception to their award-winning flavors. It is a full-bodied wine with black fruit aromas and has notes of pepper, tar and spice on the palate and finish. With its age, it has become soft and silky and retained its fruit. Pair it with everything from wild game to pizza and burgers. This wine is $15.99 (regularly $20.49) at Boone’s.

The White

The French may not have invented wine, but they perfected it. You may have heard this line before, and it is well deserved praise. French winemakers brought in and cultivated all of the great varietals we know today. Cabernet, Merlot, Malbec, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc were all planted in the best locations for each all across France.

Matayac Sauvignon Blanc hails from the Cote De Gascogne region. It is bright gold in color with notes of citrus and passion fruit on the nose, pineapple and mango on the finish. It has a lively acidity to balance it all out. Pair it with oysters, crab, salmon or poultry. Regularly $13.99, it’s currently $11.99 at Boone’s. 

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The Beer

The Space Danger IPA is like blasting into space and diving into a pool at the same time.
Special to the Daily

Our tour concludes in space – almost. This brew is cosmically delicious, with a name to prove it.

Space Danger isn’t just another well-executed IPA from Fremont Brewing in Washington: It’s an indulgent swan dive into new school Sabro hops. That swan dive turns old school cannonball via Simcoe and Centennial hops and explodes into a pool of tropical fruit. The Sabro hops give it a piña colada-like influence, with pine and passionfruit then followed by citrus and candied lemon in the finish. As my palate climbs out of the pool, it’s met with a towel of moderate bitterness, leaving it dry and craving another dive. 

Keep your friends close (with social distancing), but your beer closer. Grab a six-pack of Space Danger for $9.99 at Boone’s.

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