Red, white & brew: Is pinot gris the same grape as pinot grigio? |

Red, white & brew: Is pinot gris the same grape as pinot grigio?

Val Goranov
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L’Avvocata Barbera d’Asti comes from the Coppo winery that dates back to 1892.
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Editor’s note: The Red, White & Brew weekly feature will highlight drinks from local liquor stores.

Weather is definitely starting to warm up out there. And even though summer is still a couple of months away, you are already thinking about it, aren’t you? Lighter wines would probably be the choice for most occasions. pinot grigio and pinot noir, right? Well, kind of yes but not necessarily. We’ll leave those for when it gets really warm. As always we are here to offer something new and exciting, delicious and affordable, something you might not have tried in a while.

Red wine

Barbera is a grape that is older by about 1,000 years than cabernet sauvignon. Usually found in the low slopes of northern Italy, it is the third most-planted red grape in the country. A few great things about it — it has low tannins which makes it easy drinking, it is usually inexpensive and has a great value. Coppo winery dates back to 1892. Yes, the same 1892 that is so special to all Liverpool fans. Coppo has always been committed to attention to detail and delivering quality without compromise. Its L’Avvocata Barbera d’Asti is a great example of that. Fresh, well balanced with a long finish. Rated 91 points and is an exceptional quality for the price. You can get a bottle of it for $15.99.

White wine

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Pinot gris and the question of the century — is it the same grape as pinot grigio? Yes, it is. “Gris” in French and “grigio” in Italian mean gray. Believed to be a mutant clone of the pinot noir variety, it normally has a grayish-blue fruit, hence its name. Widely planted across the world, wines made from it can vary in color (from a deep golden yellow to copper) and style. It is of course grown here in the USA, too. Courtney Benham has three labels — Martin Ray, Angeline and … Courtney Benham. Under the label named after him, he produces pinot gris which comes from the Russian River Valley in California. It is smooth with tropical notes and dry finish. A great wine for $17.99.


Rose wines are very popular. How about trying a rose beer? Oskar Blues came up with Guns ‘N’ Rose Ale. Tart, sticky prickly pear and floral hibiscus band together with a subtle hop profile in this refreshing, spritz-y rose’ beer. No matter if you like roses or are a fan of Guns N’ Roses or simply like beer (or all of the above), this one is definitely worth trying. A six-pack of cans is $10.99. Enjoy it!

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