Renowned artist Ron Hicks to display a new type of art in Vail |

Renowned artist Ron Hicks to display a new type of art in Vail

Vail staple to return

Ron Hicks will display his work at Vail International Gallery from Saturday, Feb. 16, to March 2.

Ron Hicks grew up in an artistic household. His mother attended art classes, and he’d spend time pouring over her textbooks, and once he got to school, his teacher took special note of his talent and encouraged him to enter contests, leading him to win scholarships to the Columbus College of Art and Design.

Hicks’ art would eventually become known for depicting realistic scenes, snapshots of everyday life — a couple kissing, chefs working in a kitchen, a conductor leading his orchestra.

However recently, Hicks has taken a more abstract approach to his art, which he’ll be displaying at Vail International Gallery beginning on Saturday, Feb. 16.

“I’m trying to sort of play with abstract, non-objective worlds and realism, to strike a harmonious balance between disciplines and place them on canvas or boards I paint on,” Hicks said. “I’m really concentrating on shape, texture and edges, more so than more tangible things in previous works.”

The new art style comes from Hicks’ desire to paint for himself. His previous work began as a collaboration, in which he’d pass a piece back and forth with another artist until they had a complete work of art. He continued to paint in the style of the project. Eventually, however, Hicks chose to take a turn and paint for himself.

Ron Hicks’ new body of work was inspired by his desire to create art for himself, rather than for the masses.

“I’m open and free to express myself in this way, and I hope to keep it as pure as I can,” Hicks said. “I’m doing it for myself as opposed the masses.”

Hicks has had a 12-year relationship with Vail International Gallery, displaying art since the gallery’s beginning, thanks to President and co-founder of the gallery Marc LeVarn’s affinity for his work.

“We knew going in that he was an artist that we wanted to feature,” LeVarn said.

Although the work that will be on display is different than what LeVarn has displayed before, he has no concern about the exhibit.

“We’re really excited about this new style for Ron,” said LeVarn. “He has succeeded in evolving in a way that’s really successful visually and artistically, the emotional content of the paintings is really powerful.”

Catch Hicks art at Vail International Gallery between Saturday, Feb. 16, and March 2. Hicks will be present to discuss his work from 5 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 16. His pieces will be for sale throughout the exhibition.

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