Runaway Grooms releasing live tracks performed across the valley, state |

Runaway Grooms releasing live tracks performed across the valley, state

“Carry Me Home” available today

The Runaway Grooms are releasing their second album “Zoetic Revival” one song at a time, all recorded live at venues in Eagle County and Colorado. (Special to the Daily)

The Runaway Grooms have been using their time during COVID to create new music, ready for the day venues start opening back up to live performances. The five-piece Grooms are also performing pop-up concerts across the valley, and state, recording performances live and releasing them one-by-one over the next couple of weeks to make their second album, “Zoetic Revival.”

The Eagle County band has released “See Where You Land” and most recently “Carry Me Home,” recorded at The Mishawaka in Bellvue, which is on Spotify and debuts on YouTube on Friday.

“The beautiful thing about what we’ve transitioned to is we’re a five-piece that’s very exploratory, meaning the songs are different every time,” said bassist and vocalist Zach Gilliam. “Different in a sense of we create a space within these songs where we can explore our instruments. So in ‘Carry Me Home,’ it is ‘Carry Me Home’ collectively, but there’s different jams or instrumental sections that are going to happen that are unique to each show.”

The Runaway Grooms will release three more live tracks to make up the five-track “Zoetic Revival” album. Gilliam said the band is intentionally releasing the songs as singles to allow listeners and fans to appreciate each song by itself before enjoying collectively.

Over the summer, the Runaway Grooms performed five concerts from Minturn to Eagle during their Drive By series — which are in the mix for the remaining three live tracks. They’ve also done a benefit to support those impacted in the live entertainment industry, Spook Jam 2020, which was also recorded live.

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“We’re just kind of preparing for when the world opens back up to have a good arsenal of new music that captures the five-piece evolution of the band,” Gilliam said.

‘Carry Me Home’

The Grooms are firm believers in the world giving back what you put in, aka karma. “Carry Me Home” was created to spread positivity and encouragement during difficult times.

It also started as an acoustic song, but Gilliam added some reggae flare after incorporating some of his recently learned skills into a rehearsal.

“It’s something I think all of us can benefit from,” Gilliam said. “Continue to stay positive. … The lyrics are just riding the positivity wave and putting that energy into it, which has really been what drives us every day but has really driven us through coronavirus. It’s not an easy thing as a band through these times.”

With new tunes and a growing following on the Front Range, the Runaway Grooms will be ready to run when live entertainment returns in full force.

“We started here in the valley and have been moving out and spreading across the state,” Gilliam said. “As we continually build and put more shows underneath our belt, we expand further — really across the country is what we’re looking at for the summer and fall.”

Enjoy the Runaway Grooms at performances in the valley before they plan on hitting the road this summer. There’s a few shows still in the works, including a possible Grateful Grooms special at a local venue.

“We’re cooking up something special,” Gilliam said.

For more information on the Runaway Grooms and for updates on new music, touring schedule and more, follow the Grooms on Spotify, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

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