Shakedown Bar in Vail launches nonprofit to support musicians, bring more music to communities |

Shakedown Bar in Vail launches nonprofit to support musicians, bring more music to communities

‘We saw the impact that live music had on the Vail community’

MAPS musicians Kory Montgomery, Shawn Eckels, Michael Jude, Kramer Kelling, Mark Levy and Scott Rednor perform in a recent recording session at Shakedown Studio in Vail. The original music tracks will be mastered and published through MAPS distribution channels.
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When the owners of Shakedown Bar were forced to close the Bridge Street establishment in Vail Village due to the pandemic, they decided to bring their music to the streets through Shakedown Presents outdoor concerts. It was a venture that sparked Mr. Anonymous Philanthropic Society (MAPS), a nonprofit organization striving to “promote peace and unity in communities through music.”

“Over several months, we saw the impact that live music had on the Vail community and that inspired us to take it even further, to do even more for communities like ours and create more opportunities for our hard-working musicians,” Shakedown founder Scott Rednor said in an a news release on Wednesday.

Mr. Anonymous Philanthropic Society draws on Shakedown’s large roster of artists and vast network of music industry insiders to produce live outdoor music events and unique recording sessions in the newly renovated Shakedown Studio space in Vail. MAPS is the brainchild of Rednor, who saw an opportunity for reinvention during the 2020 shutdown of his indoor live music venue.

In addition to live music events, MAPS artists have been producing dozens of recordings in the state-of-the-art Shakedown Studio.

“These recording sessions are really incredible because of the unique collaborations and pairings that have sprung up organically with our artists,” Rednor said. “Each of the musicians, and the tracks that they’re laying down all have stories, and that’s what we aim to share with the world. We have artists playing together here on our MAPS stage that you won’t see anywhere else, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

The work that comes from these sessions will hit music distribution channels in hopes of creating larger audiences, revenue streams and create a more sustainable future for MAPS artists.

In initial fundraising efforts, MAPS will be designing and building a prototype Go MAPS Music Van that will roll into communities around the state, providing free live music events and music education, beginning this summer.

MAPS also provides its artists with contacts to professional resources for musician-friendly businesses interested in supporting their cause, like legal counsel and mental health services.

For more information or to get involved with MAPS, visit and follow @GoMapsMusic on Facebook and Instagram and MAPS Music on YouTube.

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