Shuck Brothers bring oysters to the high country |

Shuck Brothers bring oysters to the high country

Oysters will be served up at Avon’s Salute to the USA event

The Rocky Mountains may be thousands of miles away from either coast, but oysters have been popping up in the land-locked state of Colorado thanks to the Shuck Brothers Events Raw Oyster Bar. Celebrate ‘Merica with the Shuck Brothers as they serve up their oysters during the Salute to the USA event in Avon.

Who are the Shuck brothers? Well, they aren’t actually brothers, but Riley Campbell and Jesse Migchelbrink do share a kinship in their desire to bring you the best oysters possible. The two met at Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar in Denver. Migchelbrink taught Campbell how to shuck oysters and after years in the industry, they decided to take the show on the road and bring oysters to various events in the high country.

Be it a wedding, a birthday or other special occasion, the Shuck Brothers delight in bringing the oysters and all the fixings to the party. The mobile operation sets up easily and adds that extra panache to any gathering.

The first thing you notice, besides oysters being served fresh at altitude with mountains in the background, is their set up. Though it’s mobile, the Shuck Brothers take great care in making sure their presentation is top notch.

“It’s important that the first impression be a strong one,” said Campbell, who credits Migchelbrink with the aesthetics of the display table with the wooden table toppers, fresh flowers and logo prominently displayed. “It definitely catches the eye and makes people think, ‘hey, these guys have taken the care to make this look nice, so they must be taking the care of the product as well,’ so presentation is key.”

The day we interviewed, they were serving up Chunu and Pencove oysters and lobster rolls. In addition to raw oysters, they sometimes serve cooked oysters.

“We do a Rockefeller, we do a charred oyster, it just kind of depends on what we are trying to offer and where,” Campbell said. “For example, we did a BBQ-style oyster at the Frisco BBQ Challenge and they were really well-received.”

One thing Campbell and Migchelbrink love to do is to serve oysters to someone for the first time or guiding an oyster lover to a new type of oyster.

“With all of our experience serving oysters, we love helping people navigate which oyster they want to choose next,” Campbell said. “Sometimes people will say, ‘I like oysters, but I don’t really know what type”, so we will ask them where they were when they had them and if they say, ‘I was in Washington, I really liked them’ then we recommend something from that region or taste profile,” Campbell said.

“We just sell them as single oysters, so I will suggest they try one of each, or two of each an then they get to explore the difference on their own,” Campbell said.

Campbell and Migchelbrink have long-standing relationships with suppliers in Denver and always order the freshest oysters available at the time. “Northeast Seafood is our purveyor where we set up a house account and that’s where we source from and we kind of get our pick of the litter. We’re their new favorite account for sure, we sold 10,000 oysters in May.”

The Shuck Brothers Events Raw Oyster Bar will be at the Salute to the USA event in Avon on Wednesday, so stop by and say hello and try your favorite oyster or seek out something new with their guidance. Learn more by going to and follow them on Facebook and Instagram to see where they are popping up next.

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