Snowmobile thriller starring Vernon Davis begins filming in Grand Lake |

Snowmobile thriller starring Vernon Davis begins filming in Grand Lake

Amy Golden, Sky-Hi News
Filming is underway in Grand Lake for the thriller movie called "Red Winter." The director said they chose to film in Grand Lake because of its beauty and abundance of snowmobiles. Sky-Hi News file photo

A thriller about snowmobiles and survival is being filmed in Grand Lake.

The movie tells the story of a couple, played by Ashley A. Williams and Vernon Davis, who go on a snowmobile trip near Grand Lake to rekindle their relationship. During the tour, they witness the murder of their guide and must fight to stay alive in a brutal landscape.

“Wrong place, wrong time,” Director Steven C. Pitts said of the plot as the crew prepared for filming Tuesday. “It’s basically a survival story.”

The film, called “Red Winter,” is being shot in Grand Lake for the next two weeks before wrapping up in Denver. The movie is being filmed near the Winding River Resort and On The Trail Rentals.

The choice of location was a simple one for Pitts and his crew.

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“It’s gorgeous out here and we needed snowmobiles,” he said. “It’s the Snowmobile Capital of Colorado, isn’t it?”

While the crew has not yet determined how the movie will be distributed, Pitts hopes for it to be released by next winter. It might also feature a couple local faces as extras in the movie.

Pitts has previously worked on films including “First Man” starring Ryan Gosling and the horror movie “Lycan.” Williams played a main character in the TV show “Black Boots” and Davis had a minor role in 2017’s “Baywatch.”

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