Spa Anjali’s vibrancy facial offers natural apporach and products

Nate Day
The Vibrancy Facial uses products from Laurel Whole Plant Organics, which are focused on treating the skin without the chemicals often found in other facial treatments.
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Spa Anjali at The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa has introduced the Vibrancy Facial — a treatment that uses plant-based Laurel Whole Plant Organics.

The facial is a result of a partnership between The Westin and Shaw Cancer Center, as its natural products are more compatible with those receiving medical treatments.

“Sometimes when you use plant materials, they aren’t organic … and (they have) pesticides,” said Lauren Yuhasz, an esthetician, massage therapist and certified herbalist with Spa Anjali. “With this company, that’s just kicked to the curb. Everything the skin is getting is genuinely pure.”

The experience begins with the application of body oil to relax and bring one into the present and then kicks off with the cleansing.

For this treatment, two cleansers are used. The first used focuses on oilier skin and contains chamomile hydrosol. The second, focusing on dryer skin, contains rose hydrosol. Oils are then applied to “anti-bacterialize” and nourish the skin.

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Toners are then applied via light sprays. The toners contain active botanicals that are organic and natural. Vibration therapy is also applied with the toners.

Next comes the exfoliation. This particular line works with the natural oils and processes of the skin and doesn’t strip anything from the skin at all. The exfoliant contains almond grain, oats, chamomile and marshmallow root. Also contained is nettle leaf — a product that, because of the negative connotation of nettle, is often overlooked, but very helpful to the skin.

A brief examination allows the technician to determine what products to use moving forward and how to best help the skin. Yuhasz also takes this as an opportunity to look into what the skin is saying about the rest of the body.

“The skin holds patterns and mirrors internal harmony or disharmony,” Yuhasz said.

In the skin, Yuhasz can see indicators of vitamin deficiencies or other health issues that may require tweaks in diet or lifestyle to improve.

Another exfoliator containing ingredients like honey, strawberry, blueberry and grapefruit oils are applied, offering not only a skin-nourishing treatment, but also a delightful smell — a highlight of the experience.

Finally a mask is applied to treat and protect the skin. The mask is made of dried plant materials, clay, passion flower, dandelion root, yarrow and more.

Products in the line that are used in the treatment also contain jojoba oils, which are very similar to those naturally produced by the skin, which allows for communication between the skin and the oils being produced.

The Vibrancy Facial and the Laurel Whole Plant Organic products used offer an opportunity to cleanse and treat the skin with a process that compliments they way the skin works on its own, rather than applying chemicals that strip the oils needed by the skin.

The treatment is now being offered at Spa Anjali in The Westin Riverfront Spa & Resort in Avon. A 50-minute facial is $150 or $195 for 75 minutes.

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