Spa at Hotel Talisa preparing massage using CBD oils

Nate Day
The Hotel Talisa is located in Vail, and spa appointments can be booked at
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Cannabidoil (more popularly known as CBD) treatments are becoming more and more popular in spas across the nation.

One such spa that is taking on such a trend is the Hotel Talisa.

While the CBD massage isn’t yet available for booking, it will be by Christmas, and it makes for a great opportunity to relax.

CBD oils come from the hemp plant, but it leaves out tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the part of the plant that allows users to get high, meaning the massage will not intoxicate anyone whatsoever.

CBD oils make for great massage products because of their calming, restorative properties, and because it has both exterior and interior effects.

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“It has a great topical effect,” said Carly Oakland, spa director at the Talisa. “But it also really gets into the muscles and can help pain or joint pain.”

Michelle Duprey, a massage therapist at Hotel Talisa said that absorbing CBD oils helps guests feel less tired, less sore and less energetically drained.

The products selected for the massage are from CBD Care Garden. The product line is unique because it uses whole-plant oils rather than just extracting the oil from the seeds.

“CBD Care Garden set out to be the luxury option in the CBD world, and have done a great job of achieving that goal by utilizing only the highest level product, growing and extraction processes,” Oakland said.

The products will also be available for purchase in the Hotel Talisa spa once the massage becomes available.

Additionally, Oakland and her team have ambitions to eventually introduce a CBD facial, as well as other treatments using CBD Care Garden products.

The massage uses two CBD Care Gardens products, an oil and a lotion, as is standard for a massage. Similarly, the massage is completely customizable.

The treatment

Duprey explained that she’ll use a combination of Swedish and deep tissue massage techniques to treat the right areas based on their repetitive motions they do. For example, desk jobs often require that people’s hips and rotator cuffs be treated.

Duprey also notes that the CBD oils, which she personally prefers over standard, unscented oils, changes the goals of the massage.

“CBD oil changes the process of massage in multiple ways,” Duprey said. “… CBD oils feed the cannabinoid system, which relates directly to the nervous system. When you feed the cannabinoid system, it is much like when you eat small meals over the day so that you don’t find yourself starving. If you keep using CBD oils, you can achieve a different level of homeostasis.”

Because this is the case, adding CBD to a massage means there are a few differences between a massage with and without CBD oils.

First of all, the CBD oils encourage a deeper relaxation within the nervous system, which ultimately helps both the therapist and guest throughout the process.

Secondly, the oils help muscles to relax faster, allowing the therapist to work deeper and more effectively in a shorter period of time, which Duprey said is important for treatments of 50 minutes or less.

“Lastly, CBD is anti-inflammatory, which means that parts of the body which are sore, swollen or irritated can find some relief,” Duprey said. “This is not the same as a pain reliever, it’s more similar to what ice does to a blunt force injury.”

Duprey additionally noted, that CBD massages provide an equal amount of benefits as the physical massages she does.

The massage will be soon available to book at http://www.hotel

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