Sunrise Minturn offers CBD-infused latte, additional products |

Sunrise Minturn offers CBD-infused latte, additional products

Try coffee with healing properties

A latte sits on a counter next to a small bottle of oil

Sunrise Minturn is now offering a coconut latte that includes CBD, a healing compound coming from the marijuana plant.

With all of the hype surrounding THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the benefits of consuming CBD (cannabidiol) can occasionally get lost in the mix — especially when that mix is coffee and other food and drink products.

Sunrise Minturn, however, has not lost sight of the product. In fact, the cafe in Minturn is bringing it to the forefront in its new CBD lattes.

According to studies, CBD is known for having several health benefits including pain and inflammation, and anxiety management, according to While it also comes from the marijuana plant, CBD doesn’t contain THC, the material that gives users a “high.” Douglas McAvity, owner and operator of Sunrise Minturn, noted that he hasn’t taken painkillers since he began consuming CBD.

“There’s some confusion around it,” McAvity said. “People ask ‘what is it going to do to me?’ and ‘will it make me feel weird?’ But it doesn’t make you feel anything.”

It won’t make you taste anything either — the concoction that McAvity and his team put into the lattes is completely flavorless.

The concoction is made of two simple ingredients. The first is CBD isolate, a concentrated powder. The second ingredient is MCT oil, an energy booster that can be purchased at a grocery store.

“I had to do a bit of research,” McAvity said. “I had to look into the ratio … it’s all on YouTube.”

Included in the latte is also coconut flavoring.

A man squeezes a few drops of a clear liquid into a latte

Only a few drops of CBD oil make it into the latte, but even a small amount has several health benefits.

“It’s just what I came up with,” joked McAvity about adding coconut.

The idea came about after McAvity and his wife noticed other coffee shops and restaurants around the country cashing in on the trend. They chatted with a friend that makes CBD balm, and soon after CBD lattes were on their menu beginning in late December of 2018.

Although the coconut latte is the official product, a $2 upcharge will allow customers to add CBD to other products as well.

“I’ll add it to a Sunrise smoothie,” McAvity said. “Sometimes people come in and say ‘can I get that CBD thing?'”

Although the latte is a new and popular menu item, fear not — everything that Sunrise Minturn is doing is completely legal, and they’re still serving classics like their sticky buns and breakfast burritos.

A CBD coconut latte can be picked up at Sunrise Minturn for $6.

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