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Supporting Shaw

The Sunday, Sept. 16, Hike, Wine and Dine event featured a hike through the changing colors of fall and benefited Jack’s Place, a cancer house in the Vail Valley, and the Shaw Cancer Center.
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The tenth annual Hike, Wine and Dine event has become a beloved local fundraising event every fall on Beaver Creek Mountain. Betsy Seabert traveled to the event from her home in Steamboat Springs to support the cause — a benefit for Shaw Cancer and Jack’s Place, a cancer caring center. Seabert is in survivorship of cancer after having treatment at both facilities.

During the radiation therapy portion of her cancer treatment, Seabert said she was overwhelmed with the idea of having to leave her home in Steamboat, but she was able to stay at Jack’s Place instead of making the long commute.

“What about the cost?” Seabert had asked Dr. Patty Hardenburgh.

Events such as Hike, Wine and Dine make Jack’s Place an option for patients like Seabert, and so many others in need of the support.

“The fact that the cost to stay at Jack’s was donation-based made a huge difference in the affordability for me,” she shared.

The five-mile Hike, Wine and Dine hike took place Sunday, Sept. 14, where participants enjoyed a trail walk in the fall colors and gourmet tastings from several of the valley’s finest restaurants. The fundraising effort will go toward supporting exactly what helped Seabert so much.

“Everyone at the Shaw showed so much compassion and offered wonderful experiences that would support me in my journey,” she said. “It was also very beneficial to be around other patients who were also undergoing treatment. The support we all shared for each other was an added source of strength for all of us.”

Because of the temperature fluctuations Seabert experienced from medications, she was inspired to start a new brand of sleepwear that uses merino wool called “Chill Angel.”

‘“Chill’ to help us sleep cool and dry and ‘Angel’ because we need love and support surrounding us during sleep and in times of healing,” Seabert said. “My mission is to help people sleep better and to have a positive impact on their quality of life. I especially want to bring comfort to cancer patients during treatment and afterwards.”

By staying at Jack’s Place during her treatment times, Seabert said she was able to finally slow down and focus on recovery.

“My priority was simply to take care of me, which I would not have done if I had stayed at home or with family,” Seabert said. “I allowed myself to indulge in self-care and this is what truly helped me to get through treatment and recover.”

The Hike, Wine and Dine fundraiser event sold out for 2018.

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