Sustainability Tip: E-bike sales are soaring. Here’s what to consider if you want to get one |

Sustainability Tip: E-bike sales are soaring. Here’s what to consider if you want to get one

E-bikes help cyclists get around mountain towns without spending all of their energy on the commute.
Anna Stonehouse

In Eagle County, we are in full summer mode. Rafts are floating, mountain bike wheels are spinning, and the high alpine is just beginning to allow us to adventure into our favorite summer spots.

E-bikes are taking center stage as a must-have this summer, not just in Eagle County but around the US. Sales of e-bikes have jumped 85% over the past year across America. And it’s easy to understand why. E-bikes are an easy, low-carbon, and (honestly) fun way of getting around. They take the sweat out of that “wind in your hair” feeling so you can enjoy all the benefits of biking without the hard work. 

There are many types of E-Bikes out there, as well as, many different vendors, some of which are local. Here are some tips to follow as you shop for an e-bike. 

  1. Do you pedal assistance or a throttle? Pedal assistance e-bikes provide a boost when you pedal the bike and feel a bit more like riding a traditional bike. Throttle e-bikes have an acceleration throttle on the bike itself so you can move without pedaling the bike. 
  2. How far do you want to go? Are you thinking about swapping out your car for an e-bike for summer commuting? Be sure to check the mileage range on the e-bike your interested in to make sure you can get to your end destination without running low on charge! 
  3. Remember the local vendors. QuietKat and FattE-Bikes are two local Colorado e-bike companies. QuietKat is located in Eagle, and FattE-Bikes are located in Denver. If you are able, shop local. Doing so boosts our state economy and helps cut back transportation emissions in delivering the bike to you.

Kim Schlaepfer is the Climate Action Collaborative Manager for Walking Mountains Sustainability. You can find her on the bike trail this summer or email her at

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