Sustainability Tip: How Eagle County's economy can come back quickly |

Sustainability Tip: How Eagle County’s economy can come back quickly

By Kate Manzer
Special to the Daily

Sixty-five percent of nearly 2,400 Colorado businesses reported recovery expectations of more than three months to return to pre-COVID-19 levels once social distancing requirements are loosened. Twenty-five percent expect more than one year to get back to pre-COVID-19 levels. While reopening has given some businesses hope, and others continued doubt, the past 96 days have only begun the long journey to recovery after coronavirus put our economy on pause. Now, patience is our “vaccine:” Patience will help heal our economy one step at a time. 

Too quickly disregard this caution for patience, and your business may experience the same fate as 12 eager businesses that failed to abide by coronavirus restrictions: Bass Pro Shop in Denver and C&C Coffee and Kitchen in Castle Rock violated stay-at-home orders issued by their respective cities by prematurely reopening their doors to the public, and were shut down in perpetuum. Rather than following the impatient and regretful, practice patience by attempting the three strategies elaborated upon below, and recite the following words from Eagle County government while checking your bank account. 

Adapting businesses is one of the key ways to pulling Eagle County’s economy out of the coronavirus slump.
Special to the Daily

Our county has the opportunity not only to come back, but to come back stronger than ever before. Here’s how.

Kate Manzer is the sustainability programs coordinator for Actively Green at Walking Mountains Science Center. Contact her at

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