Sustainability Tip: How to properly use the Eagle County Waste Wizard app |

Sustainability Tip: How to properly use the Eagle County Waste Wizard app

By Nina Waysdorf
Special to the Daily
Eagle County Waste Wizard is available for free download in the Apple App Store and Google Play.
Special to the Daily

Recycling can be confusing.

Here in Eagle County, you might recycle differently at home than you do at work. You could have your recycling picked up or you could be taking it to a community drop site. And sure, maybe some recycling rules are different here than they are in Denver, or San Diego, or Germany, or the moon.

Many also divert waste in other creative ways, like recycling paint or donating household items or composting. Better yet, many people are also actively looking for opportunities to simply reduce waste overall.

Sure, the world of waste can be confusing. But did you know Walking Mountains has made it much easier to know what’s cool to chuck in which bins?

Eagle County has its own community-wide tool for answering recycling and waste questions, called the Eagle County Waste Wizard. This free app and web platform allows you to search by material and find out how and where to properly dispose of that item. For example, if you are wondering which bin to throw your aluminum can in to, the Eagle County Waste Wizard will tell you to put it in the single-stream recycling bin, or the dual-stream comingle recycling bin. If you’re wondering how to properly dispose of electronics, the Eagle County Waste Wizard will tell you to take it to the County’s Household Hazardous Waste Facility for recycling, and that it also may be accepted at an upcoming Hard-to-Recycle event in the community.

We’re constantly updating this app, so as recycling rules change or we get more information, we’ll update it on the app too. The Eagle County Waste Wizard is available free on the App Store and Google Play, as well as through the web platform on the Walking Mountains Science Center website, and town and County websites.

Here are five tips for using the Waste Wizard.

  1. Check the Wizard: The most popular function of the Waste Wizard is to search by material to find out how to properly dispose of your materials. Materials on the app range from common household materials to the hard-to-recycle. If you don’t see what you’re looking for you can “suggest a material” and we’ll add it on there.  
  2. Check the Calendar: We post waste and sustainability events happening in our community to the Waste Wizard calendar, including Hard-to-Recycle Events, workshops, and quarterly Community Recycling Tours.
  3. Ask the Wizard: Use the “ask a question” function to email the Wizards your recycling or sustainability questions.
  4. Check the Resources: There are lots of great resources linked to the “more information” section of the app, including our bi-annual waste guide, the Walking Mountains Science Center Sustainability Hub, and the Climate Action Collaborative. Explore this feature to learn more about waste and sustainability in our community.
  5. Just Visiting? Check your local town or county’s waste and recycling agency for a similar app. There are similar apps throughout the state and county that can help answer your questions at home.

It’s always best to know before you throw. You can feel confident that you’re sending your waste to a better place with the information at your fingertips, so when in doubt – ask the Wizards.

Nina Waysforf is the Sustainability Coordinator for Zero Waste at Walking Mountains Sustainability. Schedule a recycling tour by emailing her at

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