Sustainability tip: Step up your garden prep |

Sustainability tip: Step up your garden prep

Ford Sanger
Special to the Daily
Preparing your spring garden can be done sustainably. Use native plants and organic mulch to be more eco-conscious.
Special to the Daily

Did you know that, according to the Climate Action Business Association, about 8 percent of an average American’s carbon footprint comes from food?

Spring is here and many of us are starting to prep our gardens for summer. Home gardening done well can significantly benefit the environment and can help fight against climate change.

Whether you are just beginning or are an expert gardener, here are a few sustainably conscious tips to keep in mind as you prep your garden.

Three Tips For What You Can Do:

“It all starts with the soil. Having good soil can make all the difference.”

It all starts with the soil. Having good soil can make all the difference. Adding or incorporating organic mulch, soil supplements or compost can help add nutrients to our rocky soils. If you are looking for compost contact Honeywagon Organics (Vail Honeywagon) to inquire about their availability at 970-476-3511.

Reconsider your lawn. Grass lawns typically use more resources like water and require more maintenance than a landscape of native plants. Native landscapes require fewer resources and provide habitat for important local pollinators and birds.

Research native species to our high-mountain environment. Pay attention to each plant’s requirements like water, sun, and soil needs, grouping like plants together. Check out the high mountain native plant guide from the Colorado Native Plant Society for more information.

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