Thanksgiving gobbles up your wallet |

Thanksgiving gobbles up your wallet

Thanksgiving can be expensive between buying food, drink, decorations and more. The estimated cost to be spent in 2018 is $10.51 higher than 2017's estimated cost.
Graphic courtesy of LendEDU

One of the best parts of autumn is Thanksgiving. There’s nothing better than being surrounded by loved ones, watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, watching some football and stuffing your face with … stuffing. Unfortunately, it’s not a cheap holiday.

Financial loan organization LendEDU recently commissioned a study in which 1,000 Thanksgiving celebrators were asked how much money they were expecting to spend on the 2018 holiday. The average amount expected to be spent on the Thanksgiving holiday is $175.65.

2017’s value came in slightly lower, at $165.14.

Participants were also asked how much money they are expecting to spend on the holiday as a whole, and considering costs include food (and lots of it), drink (also, lots of it), decorations and potentially travel expenses, the number comes as no surprise.

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