The Blessed Burrito delivers burritos by text, wraps love into each tortilla |

The Blessed Burrito delivers burritos by text, wraps love into each tortilla

Eating a good burrito is one of those little moments in a day that makes me feel #blessed, and that’s exactly what Blessed Burrito in Avon hopes to do with each burrito they serve.

Run by local couple Moxxy and Risaun Immanuel, The Blessed Burrito operates by call or text delivery — shoot a message to 970-331-3922 with your order, address and requested delivery time, pick it up when it arrives, and eat it. There is no brick-and-mortar location, just you, your $5 burrito and a passionate and kind couple making your food.

Order a pork, vegetarian or vegan burrito: this is the vegetarian one.
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The Blessed Burrito began when the couple brought a batch to an Aurora high school. It lit up the students’ faces, and the couple brought the concept to Boulder when they moved there with their four daughters in 2012.

For years, they strived to build relationships with the students they served at University of Colorado, Boulder. Instead of having a storefront, Moxxy talked to people face-to-face on the hill, using word of mouth to build a community and a home-y connection with each of their customers, a.k.a. “The Flavor Fam.”

The family moved to the Vail Valley in January 2018 to help a friend with her business, and have since grown to love their new home in Avon.

“We love the beauty and spirit of community here in the heart of the valley,” Risaun said.

Everything that goes into your burrito is home cooked that day, right down to the green chile. Risaun is passionate about food, and has loved burritos her whole life. As a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, she pays attention to the nutritional value, but also the energy with which she prepares them. She makes sure gratitude and love are rolled into each one.

“I refer to myself as a ‘flavor choreographer’ rather than a chef because I don’t just cook. Rather, I enjoy the process of arranging and directing the movements of various flavors, textures, aromas, and colors to produce a pleasurable production for the palate,” she said. “It’s quite a lovely and gratifying experience.”

Most importantly, the Immanuels know that food has an innate power to connect, comfort and create community. They are inspired by every person’s ability to use their skills and passions to create a positive difference in the world.

“This is needed now more than ever,” Risaun said.

As for the positive difference The Blessed Burrito is making, Risaun and Moxxy use the love they have for each other and teamwork to do what they enjoy doing every day: serving people.

“From the moment we shared our very first burrito to now, we’ve witnessed how these things have transpired among those that we’ve served,” Risaun said. “It feels good to create and be a part of something so special.”

How to order

Order from The Blessed Burrito by text, and have it delivered to your home for free.
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The menu options are simple, and everything is $5, with free delivery.

  • Breakfast Burrito with egg potato, cheese and green chile with a choice of pork, vegetarian or vegan
  • Bean, cheese and green chile burrito with a choice of pork, vegetarian or vegan
  • The House Habanero Hot Sauce, 4 oz bottle

Call or text 970-331-3922 to order. The Blessed Burrito’s hours are 7 a.m. to 11 a.m., and is also available to serve pre-ordered catered bundles. Payment options are cash, credit, Venmo and PayPal. For more information, follow Blessed Burrito on social media channels @blessedburritoavon on Facebook and Instagram.

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