The extent of Vail’s Art in Public Places |

The extent of Vail’s Art in Public Places

by Betty Ann Woodland
High Altitude Society
Harry Frampton and Kent Logan, prominent supporters of the Art In Public Places organization
Betty Ann Woodland | Special to the Daily

On Wednesday, Aug. 15, at La Tour Restaurant, the town of Vail’s Art in Public Places hosted a reception to recognize and thank Vicki and Kent Logan who generously donated artwork to the town of Vail’s public art collection. The artwork can be viewed on the side of the Vail Village parking structure at the Vail Transportation Center across from La Tour. The piece which is a bold, blue lettered quote along a silvery, gray cement wall is titled “To The Extent Of How Deep The Valley Is— At Some Given Time,” 2001.

Art in Public Places

The intention of the program is to assemble a collection of works of art in public places which is educational, attractive to residents and guests and of an overall aesthetic quality equal to the excellent international reputation the town enjoys as a resort. The program is under the direction of a seven-member board which meets monthly to discuss projects and direction. The town’s public art collection includes over 45 works ranging from painting, sculptures, murals, playground components and site-integrated art. A new fully color printed map of the town of Vail’s public art collection is now available at the Vail Village and Lionshead Village welcome centers. Featuring 36 works of art in a walkable map of Vail Village and Lionshead Village, as well as the art beyond town center, the map is a good resource for enjoying Vail’s abundance of public art.

Definitely, do not miss experiencing “Hodgepodge,” a stick work installation by renowned environmental artist Patrick Dougherty in Vail’s Ford Park. Located west of the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater it is adjacent to Betty Ford Alpine Gardens. The installation titled “Hodgepodge” was built with the help of 50 community volunteers and will be on view for two years. What was a yellow-green sculpture made of early summer, fresh green branches and twigs, has turned to the burnt russet-orange and browns of late summer. Be sure to enjoy the wide variety of the town of Vail’s Art in Public Places collection.

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