The Head and The Heart embraced the weather at Vail Snow Days |

The Head and The Heart embraced the weather at Vail Snow Days

The Head and the Heart brought out high energy as it snowed at Vail Snow Days on Saturday, Dec. 14.

Number of people: The crowd was tightly packed: partially to get a good view of the stage, mostly for warmth.

Hometown shoutouts: The band said they’d never played “in a snowstorm on top of a mountain” before, but they were loving it.

History in Vail: Drummer Tyler Williams said in an interview that they may have played in Vail several years ago.

Audience participation: The band started playing the iconic riff from “Rock n Roll Pt. 2” by The Glitter Band, and everyone yelled the “hey” parts.

Biggest laugh: Charity Rose Theilen started signing one of her solos, and as snow started blowing in her face, Russell ran over aside her and held up a towel to keep the snow away.

Best musical moment: The band traditionally ends its shows with arguably its biggest hit, “Rivers and Roads.” It was a climax that carried all the way through the parade to the busses back to town, when everyone started signing it again.

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