The Motet’s upcoming performances at Vilar Center are band’s first in more than a year |

The Motet’s upcoming performances at Vilar Center are band’s first in more than a year

Shows Friday and Saturday nights in Beaver Creek

The Motet are a Denver-based band and will be performing in front of a live audience Friday and Saturday in Beaver Creek for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic started.
Vilar Performing Arts Center, Beaver Creek

The Motet’s Vilar show on Friday will be the first gig the band has played to a live audience in more than a year.

“This is an extra special show,” said drummer Dave Watts. “We’re gonna have extra energy.”

With the departure of vocalist Lyle Divinsky and trumpeter Parris Fleming last year, The Motet is focusing on its instrumental side. During Saturday’s performance, Jeff Franca of Thievery Corp will join the band on percussion.

“We love delving into the darker, more jam side of our sound. Without vocals, we have a lot more room to breathe, to explore the musical side of what we do, to foray into the instrumental, jam and improv,” Watts said. “Of course, it’s always a dance party.”

When The Motet announced that Divinsky and Parris had left the band, they emphasized the band was not breaking up, and that the two musicians will always be a part of its extended musical family, as well as its legacy.

“They’re part of the sound’s evolution over the last 20 years … their influence isn’t going away,” Watts said.

Over the last year, remaining band members have been honing their individual craft even more, working on new material, remotely recording and experimenting with a talk box, the latter of which “adds an extra funky element to our music,” Watts said. “We’ve added a lot more interactiveness between the players and excitement and exploration and soloing. We’re trying to leave space for improv. We have a lot of untapped creative energy; we’ve been messing around with individual (sounds), and now we’re excited to put it together as a band. When we had vocals, we were more focused on playing songs as 5-minute pieces, whereas now, we have more time to explore the darker, more nebulous energy.”

Since 1998, the Denver-based ensemble has moved audiences with its unique, dance-style vibe, which ranges from funk, soul and jazz to rock. They’re currently looking for a new vocalist, but until then, they’re still delivering inspiring jams.

The Motet perform at the Vilar Performing Arts Center at Beaver Creek on Friday and Saturday, with performances at 8 p.m. Tickets are $95. Visit for more information.

If you go …

Who: The Motet: Instrumentals

When: 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday

Where: Vilar Performing Arts Center, Beaver Creek

Cost: $95

More information: Visit

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