The Platonics showcase fun, friendship |

The Platonics showcase fun, friendship

Nate Day
The Platonics have been together for four years now, and have played gigs at 7 Hermits Brewing Company, the Westin Riverfron Resort & Spa and more. From left to right: Alan Chavis, Stacey Jones, Nicole Greener, Kelly Moser, Brian Brugger and Chris Weathers.
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“Platonic” is a term that refers to people engaged in an exclusively friendly relationship, so when six friends came together to form a band, they became The Platonics.

About four years ago, Nicole Greener was involved with and asked to perform at a charity benefit at The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa. Greener’s band has recently dissolved, but she called up former bandmates Stacey Jones and Kelly Moser, as well as some other local musicians (Chris Weathers, Alan Chavis and Brian Brugger) to perform a one-off concert.

The nameless group rehearsed once before their gig, rocked the house and decided in the parking lot to play together again. Eventually, they named themselves Brian’s Big Boy Kit (a play on Brugger’s use of a child’s drum set during rehearsals) before eventually naming themselves The Platonics.

“It fit what all of us wanted and we just meshed really well together,” Moser said. “So the name was really perfect.”

These days, Greener serves as the lead vocalist and violinist for the group, Moser playing the keys as well as contributing with the slide whistle, Jones and Chavis play guitar, Weathers is on the bass, and Brugger plays the drums.

Each member also noted that there has been no band drama — a luxury that many bands are never afforded.

“We’re like a good roommate,” Weathers said. “We wash the dishes and we clean up, and we really make it all stick.”

The band, which plays exclusively covers, also does what they call “platonisize” music; slowing down the tempo of a fast song, speeding up a slow one or finding a way to put their own spin on things.

“We definitely like the shock factor,” Jones noted.

Just having fun

One of the so called “head turners” that The Platonics occasionally play is music from Rage Against the Machine. Jones said that similar songs or “Sweet Child O’ Mine” being sung by a woman often surprise an audience.

“The first time we played Rage Against the Machine was crazy,” Brugger said. “I think we even played it twice.”

More than surprising them, however, The Platonics want viewers to have fun.

“We want to entertain and to have fun,” Chavis noted.

“And if you’re not having fun, how can the audience have any fun?” Moser added.

An additional goal, according to both Greener and Brugger, is to “melt (the audience’s) face off,” citing the drum solos in their cover of “Zombie” as an opportunity to do so.

In order to please audiences, the group performs a wide variety of “instrumentally complex” music, ranging from country to pop, rock and beyond. The band performs these numbers at 7 Hermits Brewing Co., The Westin, The Dusty Boot and more across the Vail Valley.

Having six members with full-time jobs, spouses and children has occasionally proven difficult in terms of planning, but Jones explained that rehearsals often become potluck-style gatherings of everyone’s families.

However, the band has accomplished some impressive feats in the local music scene, such as playing at Pink Vail and The Westin’s anniversary party. The band has also filled the Turtle Bus, a paid bus ride from downvalley to upvalley to catch a local band performance, allowing for a safe ride home after spending time at a bar.

Chavis said, however, that the group not at all in it for the money, and that it’s all about enjoying one another’s company. Moser added that it’s also about “feeding your soul.”

While the band’s just now beginning to work on the gig schedule for the season, its music and upcoming events can be found at and

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