The Runaway Grooms organize Vail Valley food drive benefitting the Salvation Army |

The Runaway Grooms organize valley-wide food drive benefitting the Salvation Army

The Runaway Grooms are sharing their talents with the Vail Valley once again, only this time, they’re putting down their instruments and picking up some nonperishables.

Through Nov. 30, the Grooms are hosting a valley-wide food drive benefitting the Salvation Army. All are encouraged to donate canned goods, packaged items, CityMarket gift cards and other nonperishables at four different drop boxes: Bonfire Brewing in Eagle, Ein Prosit in Avon, the Riverwalk Theater in Edwards and Vail Brewing Co. in both EagleVail and Vail.

“Food is a necessity and there are plenty of folks right here in our valley struggling to buy food for their families, especially with people still out of work from COVID,” said Zach Gilliam, the band’s bassist, vocalist and manager.

The Runaway Grooms released “Tied to the Sun” in March, and has played for a virtual audience from the Vilar Performing Arts Center’s stage, as well as at the Mishawaka Amphitheater outside Fort Collins.
Arthur Wessel | Special to the Daily

A driving factor for the band’s decision to put together a food drive was, naturally, making sure that members of the community are able to enjoy a hearty Thanksgiving meal with their loved ones.

“We want everyone to have access to a good meal for those special times,” Gilliam said.

The other factor was larger than just the holidays.

“A few weeks ago, I’d been feeling beat up from all the punches 2020 keeps throwing at the band and life in general. Then I thought, ‘Let’s throw something back at 2020. Let’s do something good and put some positivity into the universe,’” Gilliam said.

And to that do-good ethos, The Runaway Grooms teamed up with Vail Honeywagon and Signature Signs, who donated materials for the donation box drop sites.

“We are extremely thankful for their contributions and hope to work together for years to come,” Gilliam said.

The band also hopes to share some surprises with fans this month in conjunction with the food drive.

Despite 2020’s seemingly never-ending challenges, the band has still been able to push their musical goals forward. During the Vilar Performing Arts Center’s Ghost Light Sessions, the band played to more than 8,500 people virtually; released and earned more than 120,000 streams on its first LP, “Tied to the Sun” and played a socially-distanced set at the The Mishawaka Amphitheater outside Fort Collins.

“Although 2020 has derailed countless opportunities for the band and made it very difficult to continue our craft with our desired intensity, we have still been blessed with many things,” Gilliam said. “We can choose to dwell on all of the negativity of 2020 or we can choose to have a positive mindset and focus on the things we can control. We want to use the platform we’ve been given to help others, make a positive impact on our local community, and show people that there are plenty of good things going on.”

For more information about The Runaway Grooms, follow their social media channels @therunawaygrooms.

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