Things to do in the Vail Valley in January: Walking Mountains’ Sustainable Film Series shows ’The Story of Plastic’ |

Things to do in the Vail Valley in January: Walking Mountains’ Sustainable Film Series shows ’The Story of Plastic’

January’s entry in Walking Mountains Science Center’s Sustainable Film Series, “The Story of Plastic,” will screen for free at the Riverwalk Theater in Edwards on Wednesday, Jan. 13 at 3:30 and 6:30p.m. Due to public health orders, guests are required to reserve seats for one of these showings through the Sustainable Film Series webpage at Each show is limited to 50 people, and virtual options are available on the registration page.

Plastic is ubiquitous in our modern lives. Most of the things we buy and use come packaged in plastic. Once considered a miracle material due to its inexpensive and durable properties, we are now facing a reckoning on a global scale.

Industry-funded media campaigns have convinced many of us that this plastic can be recycled with little to no impact on our health or the environment, but the truth is much more complicated. Only about 2% of plastic can be effectively recycled. The rest ends up in landfills, littering our lands and oceans, or burned in incinerators. The cost to our environment and our health is now impossible to ignore as plastic continues to proliferate through our world.

“The Story of Plastic” chronicles this unfolding environmental and health crisis, as well as the changing political and industry narratives surrounding plastic. The film takes us around the world, illustrating the vast scope of the problem. Using footage and interviews from both the industry executives and politicians responsible for the problem, as well as the workers and citizens being victimized by it, the film details the magnitude of the problem and offers solutions to overcoming this seemingly insurmountable challenge.

The Sustainable Film Series is a project of Walking Mountains Science Center intended to raise awareness and encourage community dialogue about environmental, economic, and social issues afflicting our world. “The Story of Plastic” will make you think about new and exciting ways to tackle these challenges not only globally, but locally as well.

To view the entire line-up of the series, visit, and for more information about this film, visit


What: “The Story of Plastic,” Sustainable Film Series

When: Jan. 13 3:30 and 6:30 p.m.

Where: Riverwalk Theater, Edwards

Cost: $5 suggested donation

More Information:

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