Think about drinking at the Bookworm of Edwards |

Think about drinking at the Bookworm of Edwards

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Author Annie Grace will discuss her path to ceasing drinking, and how she started to think about drinking after the fact.
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If you go ...

What: Alcohol Experiment with Annie Grace.

When: Tuesday, 6 p.m.

Where: The Bookworm of Edwards.

Cost: $10, includes appetizers.

More information: 970-926-7323 or

As New Year’s resolutions are set, Annie Grace will be at The Bookworm of Edwards on Tuesday at 6 p.m. to challenge attendees to abstain from alcohol for 30 days. The event will cost $10 and will include appetizers.

Grace, author of “The Alcohol Experiment,” is hosting a judgment-free event to help readers find clarity and break habits in one month. “The Alcohol Experiment” is a handbook to reform habits while reconditioning emotional and mental responses to alcohol.

Based on Grace’s personal experiences and years of methodical research, her book allows for 90 percent of the population, non-chemically dependent drinkers, to challenge their perception on alcohol use and its effects.

“A few years ago, I just decided to cut back and to truly understand why alcohol seemed so important to me,” Grace said. “Through that research, I realized that the ways I thought alcohol was benefiting me were not actually true. And through that awareness, I found that I no longer wanted to drink.”

With a chapter devoted to each day of the experiment, Grace presents wisdom, tested strategies and thought-provoking information to supplement the plan and support your step-by-step success as you learn what feels good for you. It’s your body, your mind and your choice.

Obstacles to breaking habits

Breaking any habit comes with obstacles, reflection and need for support from friends and family. Grace reflects that when she rid her life of alcohol, her friends challenged her for the decision.

“Most often, friends would justify their drinking to me, letting me know that they don’t drink all that much and they can really take it or leave it. Which is very telling as no one justifies their bread intake to me even though I don’t eat gluten,” Grace said. “But in all seriousness, if there is any internal conflict about someone’s drinking, it can manifest when encountering someone who doesn’t drink. Which I completely understand, as I was there for many years.”

‘Without desire there is no temptation’

After writing a series of journals about her scientific research, Grace put her journals online for free in order to help others who were struggling. After 20,000 people downloaded the journals in two weeks, she realized she needed to write a proper book.

Through the process of writing and meeting others attempting to abstain from alcohol, including her husband, Grace has found that the biggest struggle is thinking about drinking.

“The physical aspects are over within a few days to a week, but if we are depriving ourselves of something that we believe provides a benefit we will have a harder time, as willpower runs out,” Grace said. “Instead, if we really look at the benefits we believe alcohol is providing and discover … they are true or not, our entire perspective changes. And without desire there is no temptation.”

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