This Week in Summit County History: Denver men here to inspect mining enterprise |

This Week in Summit County History: Denver men here to inspect mining enterprise

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This Week in History

This week in history as reported by the Summit County Journal 100 years ago in the June 30 edition.

Denver men here to inspect mining enterprise

M.M. Howe had his guests over with two late additions to the ranks of mining investors in this district — H.W. Hildebrand. Jr. and Zelotes Howard, both of Denver. They are interested in the Mutual group of mines, on McCullough mountain on the upper Blue, which property they visited in company with Howe by automotive on Sunday.

The day before they stopped off near Boreas to inspect the late strike made by Charles Latub on a property he owns near that pass, they being also interested in it. They returned to the city Monday carrying with them very favorable impressions of the district in general and of their interest in particular.

Young attorney building modern, up-to-date home

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Alongside the well-located Chris Kalaep residence, between Ridge and French streets, on Washington avenue, a new dwelling house is nearing completion. Contemplation of which awakens some very pleasant thoughts. It is a modern five-room bungalow, with hot-air furnace, bath and other features that go to make home life ideal. It is the property of Carl A. Kniber, the lawyer, born in Breckenridge and reared in the home next door. And here be where the pleasant thoughts come in:

The new model home seems to say to the beholder, “I am the offspring of the house next door. I hear witness to the fact that as Breckenridge has prospered the father, so can it prosper the son. Breckenridge is all right, it deserves to see more homes built by dutiful sons alongside of the homes of their parents.”

Another wedding at Brehmer Home unites Denver, Alma

For the fourth time in the past six months, the William Brehmer home was the scene of a wedding. Monday evening, the happy couple on this occasion was Miles Sobram Margaret Harrington and William Schwaherer the former of Denver and the latter of Alma.

They arrived from the east Monday afternoon, and, obtaining the necessary document from County Clerk Forman, went to the Brehmer home where Rev. W. W. Gilberson performed the ceremony making them man and wife. They have not decided where they will make their home. At present they are guests at the Freileweh home on the upper Blue.

Royal Tiger Mines company has work well started on two tunnels

The Royal Tiger Mines company which recently took over the I. N. I. and other properties on the Swan belonging to T. A. Brown is doing considerable important work in opening up the two main tunnels and making a connection from one to the other. A force of twelve miners is at work under the direction of Brown.

The tunnels are being placed in first-class condition, preparatory to extensive work contemplated by the company. Large bodies of low-grade zinc, lead and gold-bearing ore are within reach of the tunnels and this mineral source the company proposes to open up in a thorough manner.

Extensive development done in past years has proven the ore bodes in very satisfactory manner and an accomplishment to the management. It is little more than a question of getting the ore out and providing necessary mining facilities. Mining equipment will be installed at a later date, of capacity capable of handling a huge amount, according to initiations given out by the company representatives.

Members of the Traylor Engineering company, of Denver and Salt Lake City, are among the principal factors in the company. A mining company of more than passing importance is suggested by this property and the plan outlined for its development.

A change for baseball fans as Denver plays Breckenridge team

The American Beauty baseball team of Denver is scheduled to play the Breckenridge team tomorrow. The Denver team is among the leading semi-professional teams of Denver, having achieved a good record this past year, which, it is maintaining this year. Members of the team are noted for their talent and they should prove.

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