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Time Machine: A look back at past decades in the Vail Valley

This 1940 photo shows the Second Street business area in Eagle.
Photo courtesy Eagle Valley Library District and Eagle County Historical Society |

1 year ago

Week of July 14, 2016

Hunter Hayes was set to rock the valley with an appearance at Gypsum Daze.

Eagle residents were coping with construction impacts at Eagle’s City Market. The supermarket had launched its 16,000 square foot addition and remodel project.

Vail Resorts announced it would begin charging $10 per vehicle, per day at Beaver Creek’s Elk and Bear parking lots.

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An underage driver crashed through the front of the Eagle Loaf ‘N Jug store. The vehicle narrowly missed hitting store shoppers.

5 years ago

Week of July 12, 2012

Noting that in its current condition the Eagle River Center only generated enough income to cover approximately one-third of its operating costs, the Eagle County commissioners agreed to study an improvement plan that could bring large equine events to the facility.

The Eagle County Ambulance District and the Western Eagle County Ambulance District announced plans to merge.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife invited the public to comment on its local elk herd management plans.

10 years ago

Week of July 13, 2007

Eagle Police investigated the late night vandalism of the Boots on Broadway display. The public art exhibit featured 12 six-foot tall cowboy boots that had been decorated by local artists. Someone toppled over seven of the boots, causing serious damage.

Dr. Stephen Sheldon opened the Gypsum Animal Hospital next to the Big Dog Car Wash.

The town of Eagle, the Eagle Centennial Committee and the Eagle Valley Enterprise sponsored a special Potluck in the Park for the July 19 ShowDown Town concert. Eventgoers were asked to bring a salad, side dish or dessert with barbecue beef sandwiches and hot dogs provided for all.

20 years ago

Week of July 10, 1997

The Carson and Barnes Circus set up its big top at the Airport Gateway property. The performances were a fundraiser for the Eagle Valley Chamber of Commerce

Eagle Valley High School graduate David Mayne received the Eagle River Scholarship Fund’s Gerald R. Ford-David Pelky Scholarship. Former president Ford personally presented the award to Mayne.

Gypsum 4-H’er Wayne Eichler headed to Washington D.C. to participate in a weeklong citizenship program.

Elizabeth Masimer of Glenwood Springs and Jeff Shroll of Gypsum announced their engagement. The couple planned an Aug. 30 wedding.

30 years ago

Week of July 16, 1987

The Eagle Valley Television Corporation warned residents that unless locals contributed to the not-for-profit group, the local over-the-air television signal would be shut off. EVTC asked households utilizing its signal to contribute $25 to help fund the system that broadcast channels 2, 4, 6, 7 and 9 out of Denver.

The First Baptist Church of Gypsum accomplished a noteworthy feat. The congregation built a new 4,050 square-foot church from the ground up in just 10 days. Sixty -four volunteers from Oklahoma traveled to Gypsum to help with the construction project.

The Eagle County Public Library joined the Marmot computer resource sharing program. The project linked 17 libraries in Western Colorado and allowed facilities to share resources.

40 years ago

Week of July 14, 1977

Eagle’s annual Flight Days celebration left the Eagle Valley Chamber of Commerce $1,670 in debt. The chamber invited members of the public to a special meeting to discuss the situation and work out possible solutions.

An anonymous donor offered $10,000 to help with a proposed Camp Hale campground project.

Cub Scouts from Pack 23 built home-made sailboats and competed in a Raingutter Regatta Race. Jody Smith, Duane Lister and Randy Garcia were the winners.

The Country Bunch Band was set to play at Berniece’s Place in Eagle. There was a $1 cover charge to see the band, but the restaurant also advertised a $4.95 prime rib special for the evening.

50 years ago

Week of July 13, 1967

A man accused of a 1961 break-in at Sharp’s Pool Hall and Liquor Store was headed back to town for trial after being released from a Kansas prison. Marvin Shaffer was arrested as suspect in the Eagle burglary and was free on bond when he disappeared from the community. “The night of the break-in saw a wild west show in the best TV fashion along Eagle’s main streets and alleys, with citizens joining lawmen in an after-dark chase and exchange of bullets,” the Enterprise reported.

Donald Duran, a man from New Mexico, learned that hiding under a blood-soaked tarp was an ineffective way to conceal a poaching crime. He was found guilty and given a punishment of a $750 fine or sixty days in jail.

Maurice Casey of Gypsum offered a no-nonsense warning. “Dogs found running on my property will be destroyed.”

60 years ago

Week of July 11, 1957

Gypsum Creek overflowed its banks and covered the road around the mouth of Gypsum Canyon.

Rumbles and roars emitting from a mountain near the Jim Stephens ranch at Sweetwater had residents of the area puzzled and wary. The area is home to an inactive volcano and some residents worried it was coming to life. Eventually a large section of cliff released and tumbled to the valley floor.

Two hobo suspected of lifting a watch from a Denver and Rio Grand conductor were picked up in Glenwood. The pair had the watch and a loaded gun in their possession. They had been spotted hopping onto the California Zephyr as it departed from Bond.

Don Price was named ranger of the U.S. Forest Service Eagle District.

70 years ago

Week of July 11, 1947

An “immense” crowd gathered in Minturn for the Fourth of July celebration. More than 280 cars were counted at the celebration.

Gypsum also hosted an Independence Day celebration. Entertainment included a nail-driving contest that pitted women from Eagle against women from Gypsum. The Eagle baseball team bested its Gypsum opponent by a score of 10-5.

The Eagle Cafe promised to serve “first class meals” now that owners Jake and Helen included “blue-ribbon pork” on the menu.

80 years ago

Week of 16, 1937

The Eagle County commissioners paid a visit to Colorado Highway Engineer Charles Vail. The commissioners protested the state’s decision to eliminate maintenance for the Cottonwood Pass detour.

A new record high yield was predicted for the 1937 potato crop.

In national news, the U.S. Navy was “scouring the waters of the South Pacific in a search for famed aviator Amelia Earhart. Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan had been forced down during a much publicized around-the-world flight.

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