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‘Tis the season of giving

forget about buying someone something they’ll never use or, perhaps, the old standby — socks. We’ve put together a short list of things-to-think-about when it comes to buying gifts. Some simple. Some fun. Some original. Some just nice to have — and to give, of course.

1.) Dasher and Friend

’Tis almost the night before Christmas and Santa’s reindeer are ready to go. Or are they? One looks surprised that it’s almost the Christmas and the other doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere. These little guys are just a sample of the marvelous holiday — fun and sophisticated — decorations that can be found at Colorado Alpines and Wildflower Farm.

2.) Ski Town Envy

Ski Town All Stars reflects the ambiance of most ski towns where residents ski hard, work hard and party hard — a lifestyle that is lived on a daily basis. The company supports nonprofits that have to do with skiing, including the Lindsay Vonn Foundation that supports young women and High Fives that supports severely injured athletes through rehabilitation, to name just two. Check out all of the gear at http://www.skitownallstars.com.

3.) Falling into Place

Adults as well as kids will enjoy putting together Mapedia puzzles — be it the solar system, the United States or the world. Buy them all for hours of fun as well as a teaching moment for the little ones. The Bookworm of Edwards has an assortment of terrific puzzles that even include a 1,008-piece glow-in-the-dark challenger that will keep everyone entertained for hours — maybe months.

4.) Jeans and Flowers

Jeans are jeans except when they’re not. And these are more than just jeans. These embroidered, Driftwood black skinny jeans, available at P.E. 101, will take you anywhere you want to be seen. Put ’em on your wish list or get ’em for yourself.

5.) Step On It

Coconut is not just for eating anymore. In this case, the coconut fiber used in this mat makes it incredibly durable. It’s hand-painted, colorfast, nontoxic mat and available at Kitchen Collage. What’s more, it’s natural, biodegradable and gets your shoes clean as well.

6.) Tried and True

Whenever in doubt of what to buy for whom — you can always count on finding some delicious goodies at Mountain Man Nut & Fruit. Popcorn lover? There’s caramel corn, caramel corn with chocolate, cheese corn and plain ol’ popcorn. And every sort of nut you’ve ever thought of eating. It’s a delicious way to shop.

7.) Snake Vertebrae? No Way

Yes, way. Jeweler Dan Telleen of Karats casts snake vertebrae to create a most creative line of jewelry. Mixed with gold or silver, Telleen’s snake vertebrae necklaces and bracelets are individually sized. Gold, silver, skinny, wide — it’s all up to you. Talk about conversation starters.

8.) To Dine For

Whether the olive oil lover on your list likes the oil from Italy (deep in color and peppery) or Spain (sweet with a butter finish) or Greece (fruit flavor with peppery finishes) or California (green grass flavor with mild finishes) — he or she will adore this white Vietre olive oil dispenser made in Italy at Kitchen Collage. A must for any table, anytime.

9.) No Golf Caddie

This antler wine caddie at Pinecones looks like a piece of art. Made from resin, the piece looks real. Its beauty can make the cheapest bottle of wine look like a Chateau Lafite Rothschild, 1999 Bordeaux, priced at $1,399.97. Need we say more?

10.) Tassel Free

Beading and suede make this tassel-swinging bag a thing of beauty.

Incredibly soft and chic, the bag available at Pinecones was designed by the late Western fashion icon Tasha Polizzi. The bag reflects the impeccable taste and creativity of Polizzi, who was Ralph Lauren’s chief of women’s designs for 10 years. A must-have for the most fashionable fashionista.

11.) Uncommon Scents

This idea is genius. A “liquidless” diffuser. Who knew? Made by Nest and available at Cosbar, the scent from this diffuser is created by scented sticks that sit in an open container. Looks like a bottle — but, no. There’s no glass. As we said — genius.

12.) Speaking of Socks

Combining art and science to create their products, Stance, available at Transition Sports, has created socks for almost everything athletic: adventure, training, running and playing in the snow. The socks are warm, soft and funky and celebrate fun with every design. They even have a design for the minimalist. It just says “Stance.”

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